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Stateroom bedside light switches

Stateroom bedside lamp

Stateroom bedside table

Stateroom phone, directory

Stateroom attendant plaque

Stateroom thermostat

Stateroom hideabed couch

Stateroom desk

Stateroom desk drawers

Stateroom refrigerator

Stateroom refrigerator inside beverages

Stateroom refrigerator alcohol

Stateroom alcohol vodka bottles

Stateroom desk outlets

Stateroom desk outlets

Stateroom desk outlets

Stateroom bedside shelves

Stateroom ship information

Stateroom closet

Stateroom closet and bathrobes

Stateroom closet hangers

Stateroom laundry bag

Stateroom closet drawer; hair dryer

Stateroom television

Stateroom safe


Inside of safe

Bathroom door

See bathroom pictures on this page.

Welcome champagne


Bottled water; ice bucket

television, wind speed

television, apparent wind speed

television, sea conditions

television, map