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Exposure Modes:
Change by pressing “Mode” button and rotating main command dial.

Shooting Modes:
To change modes, press mode dial lock release, and turn mode dial.

Focus Mode:

Image Size:
Press “QUAL” button and rotate the main command dial.

Image Quality (JPEG Compression) Menu:


White Balance:

Optimizing Images:

Focus Area Selection:

AF-Area Mode:
Determines how focus area is selected in autofocus mode.  Rotate the AF-area mode selector to select desired mode; shows as icon in control panel.

When Single-area AF or Dynamic-area AF are selected, user can select from normal (11 areas) or wide (7 areas) focus areas.  Change this in Autofocus menu.

To preview, press/hold depth-of-field preview button.

Exposure Metering:

Exposure Compensation:

Exposure Bracketing:

Built-in Flash:

Flash Sync Modes:

Flash Exposure Compensation:
Press the “(lightning bolt +/-)” button and rotate sub-command dial.
Not reset when camera is turned off.  To reset, turn compensation to show zero.

Flash FV Lock:

Self-Timer Mode:

Multiple Exposure:

Time-Lapse Photos:

GPS Units:
Garmin and Magellan GPS units can be attached to camera’s ten-pin remote terminal.
A “GPS” icon will be displayed when camera establishes communication with a GPS device.

Two-Button Reset:
By holding “QUAL” and “+/-“ buttons (marked by a green dot) down for more than 2 seconds, these camera settings can be restored to default values:

Photo Playback—Photo Information Displayed:
Press multi-selector down to cycle through photo info:

Up to 8 pages of info for each photo.

Viewing photos on TV:

Connecting to computer:

Memory Cards:

Mirror lock-up:
Option is available in Menu.
Only available if over half battery power is available.

Clock battery:

Custom Settings:
Can be stored in one of four banks.
Settings are stored even when camera is turned off.

Attaching lens:
Keep mounting index on lens aligned with mounting index on camera.
Rotate lens counter-clockwise until it clicks.

Detaching lens:
Turn camera off.
Press and hold the lens-release button while turning lens clockwise.

Charging battery:

Formatting CF memory card:


Error Messages/Displays: