This is not the main entrance, but is the most visible side of the hotel when walking up the small hill.


There is an emergency alarm pull-cord in the shower.  This is found in most Italy hotel bathrooms.


Just inside the door is this panel.  Guests must have their room key inserted so the electricity comes on.  There is also a button to turn on the "Do Not Disturb" light.

This panel controls the temperature. Some room thermostats in Italy hotels are overridden by centralized settings.


Entrance to the room where we went for the buffet breakfasts in the morning.


The safe was actually inside the refrigerator, which was on a rack with wheels.  I found this a bit strange...couldn't the entire safe simply be wheeled away?


This was the view of Mount Vesuvius from our room.  In the morning if we opened the sliding door, we could hear roosters announcing the day.



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