Welcome to the Historical Fiction Series site, a colossal reading list of historical fiction series! This list is arranged by various sub-genres. Many of the books could be cross-categorized, but are not. If you don't find something in one category, just check another. I hope this list leads to many new reading discoveries.

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"Aelric" 6 +? series by Richard Blake. Series set in 7th century Rome and Constantinople. Features an Anglo-Saxon somewhat anti-hero clerk who becomes involved in activities (naïve or self-serving) within the world of Rome versus Greece. Series begins with "Conspiracies of Rome".

"Alexander" trilogy by Valerio Massimo Manfredi.  Set in Ancient Greece and features Alexander the Great.  Series includes "Child of a Dream", "Sands of Ammon" and "Ends of the Earth".

"Alexander" trilogy by John McLeod depicting the life of Alexander the Great from his childhood through his military campaigns to his death. Trilogy includes "Lion of Macedonia", "Lord of the World" and "God of War".

"Alexander the Great" trilogy by Mary Renault (aka Eileen Mary Challans). Set in Ancient Greece and features the life of Alexander the Great (from childhood to conflicts after his death). Trilogy includes "Fire from Heaven", "The Persian Boy" and "Funeral Games".

"Ancient Egypt" (aka "Egyptian") series of 5 by Wilbur Smith. Set in the land of the ancient Pharaohs.  Largely based on Pharaoh Memnon's life along and the story of his mother Lostris through the eyes of his mother's slave Taita. Series includes (chronologically per story line) "River God", "The Seventh Scroll", "Warlock", "The Quest" and "Desert God".

"Attila the Hun" trilogy by William Napier (aka Christopher Hart). The story of Attila the warrior King of the Huns, from boyhood through adulthood. Set early 5th century Roman Empire in Western Europe. Trilogy includes "Attila: The Scourge of God", "Attila: The Gathering Storm" and "Attila: The Judgment".

"Canaan" trilogy by Mark Halter. Set in the ancient times and recalls stories of Jewish women of the biblical Old Testament. Series includes "Sarah", "Zipporah, Wife of Moses" and "Lilah".

"Centurions" trilogy by Damion Hunter (aka Amanda Cockrell, Dana Fuller Ross). Set in Ancient Rome and Europe. The series chronicles the adventures of a Roman military family (specifically two rival half-brothers who join the Centuriate). Series features "The Centurions", "Barbarian Princess" and "The Emperor's Games".

"Children of the Lion" 19 +? series by Peter Danielson (assumed pen name for a variety of authors specifically for this series including George Warren, Franklin King, Hugh Zachery and James Reasoner). Series is loosely based on Old Testament biblical events and follows the history of Abraham and the fictional descendants of Cain. Series begins with "Children of the Lion".

"Cicero-Ancient Rome" (anticipated) trilogy by Robert Harris. Set in Ancient Rome, this series is an imaginary biography of Marcus Tullius Cicero, Rome's first and greatest politician. Thus far the series includes "Imperium" and "Conspirata".

"Claudius" duo by Robert Graves (aka John Doyle). The series is written as a fictionalized, secret and sympathetic autobiography of the Roman Emperor Claudius I. It includes history of the Julio-Claudian Dynasty and Roman Empire, from Julius Caesar's assassination in 44 BC to Caligula's assassination in 41 AD. Duo consists of "I, Claudius" and "Claudius the God".

"Eagle" (aka "Marco and Cato") series of 13 +? by Simon Scarrow.  Features a former Imperial slave and a Roman centurion under Claudius.  They are both Roman soldiers and the series imagines their adventures and tribulations.  First volume is "Under the Eagle". 

"Emperor" series of 5 by Conn Iggulden. Set in Ancient Rome with primary focus on the life of Roman statesman and General Gaius Julius Caesar. Series includes "The Gates of Rome", "The Death of Kings", "The Fields of Swords", "The Gods of War" and "The Blood of Gods".

"Gladiators of the Empire" 2 +? series by James Duffy. Series begins in 63 AD with Nero's reign with featured locales Rome to Britain to Pompeii. Imagines the exploits of three unorthodox arena heroes who unexpectedly rise to legendary status in the amphitheaters of the Roman Empire. Series includes "Sand of the Arena" and "Fight for Rome".

"The Hera" duo by Pauline Gedge. Tells the story of Thu, a concubine caught up in political intrigue. Inspired by the actual plot of a harem concubine of Ramses III to poison him. Set includes "Lady of the Reeds" and "House of Illusions".

"Josephus" trilogy by Lion Feuchtwanger (aka J.L. Wetcheek). About the Jewish historian Flavius Josephus. Set in the Roman Empire 64 AD through the reign of Domitian. Trio includes "Josephus", "The Jew of Rome" and "Josephus and the Emperor".

"The King's Man" trilogy by Pauline Gedge. Features the lives of both peasants and nobility in Ancient Egypt. Trio includes "The Twice Born", "The Seer of Egypt" and "The King's Man".

"Legacies of the Ancient River" trilogy by Angela Elwell Hunt. A re-telling of the biblical story of Joseph in Egypt. Told from both Joseph's and an Egyptian point of view. Series includes "Dreamers", "Brothers" and "Journey".

"Lineage of Grace" series of 5 by Francine Rivers.  This series features four women of biblical times and their lives which are intricately woven into the lineage of Christ.  Series includes "Unveiled", "Unashamed", "Unshaken", "Unspoken" and "Unafraid".  The sequel series of 5 "Sons of Encouragement" features the lives of five great biblical men.  Series begins with "The Priest: Aaron". 

"Lords of the Two Lands" trilogy by Pauline Gedge. Set in Ancient Egypt.  Trilogy chronicles the revolt of the Tao Princes to free their country from the foreign rule of the Hyksos Dynasty as the 18th century emerges. Series includes "The Hippopotamus Marsh", "The Oasis" and "The Horus Road".

"Mark of the Lion" trilogy by Francine Rivers. This romantic biblical series chronicles the persecution and perseverance of 1st century Christians in hedonistic Rome and crumbling Roman Empire. Trio includes "A Voice in the Wind", "As Sure as Dawn" and "An Echo in the Darkness".

"Masters of Rome" series of 7 by Colleen McCullough. Series chronicles the demise of the Ancient Roman Republic (110-27 BC) and features the lives and careers of Gaius Marius, Lucius Cornelius Sulla, Pompey the Great, Julius Caesar and Caesar Augustus. Series includes "The First Man in Rome", "The Grass Crown", "Fortune's Favorites", "Caesar's Women", "Caesar", "The October Horse" and "Antony and Cleopatra".

"Overlord" (anticipated) series by JD Smith.  The story takes place in the Middle East between AD 253-258 and tells the early life story of Zenobia- the legendary warrior queen of Palmyra Syria. The series first book "The Rise of Zenobia" is narrated by Zabdas (once slave, retired General, grandfather and servant) and his granddaughter Samira who describe the rise of Zenobia against the might of Rome in an unstable 3rd century world.

"The Palaeologian Dynasty: The Rise and Fall of Byzantium" trilogy by George Leonardos. The trilogy describes the last dynasty of Byzantium. Included are "Michael VIII Palaeologos, The Liberator" (fictional biography of the powerful Michael VIII Palaiologos), "The Last Palaeologue" (aka "The Palaeologue Civil Strifes") (last Emperor of Byzantium, Constantine XI Palaiologos, civil wars among the Palaeologian Dynasty and the fall of Constantinople) and "Czarina Sophia Paleologue- From Byzantium to Russia" (developing relations between the Byzantine Empire and the Grand Duchy of Moscow).

"The Parthian Chronicles" series of 5 +? by Peter Darman. The series is set against the background of the Parthian Wars with Rome in the Crassus/Pompey era. Series begins with "The Parthian" and features Spartacus with Parthian Empire's Prince Pacorus (as an escaped slave who becomes an Aide to Spartacus).

"Ptolemies" (anticipated) quartet by Duncan Sprott. A series about Ancient Alexandria, the Greek Pharaohs of Egypt and their extraordinary dynasty which spanned twelve generations (from the death of Alexander the Great to the fall of Cleopatra). Series includes "House of the Eagle" (aka "The Ptolemies") and "Daughter of the Crocodile".

"Ramses" series of 5 by Christian Jacq. Story of the legendary King of Egypt-Pharaoh Ramses II, and his wife Nefertiti set in Ancient Egypt. Series includes "The Son of Light", "The Temple of a Million Years" (aka "The Eternal Temple"), "The Battle of Kadesh", "The Lady of Abu Simbel" and "Under the Western Acacia".

"Roma Sub Rosa" (aka "Rome Under the Nose") series of 14 +? by Steven Saylor. Set in Ancient Republican Rome. Chronologically, the series begins series prequel "The Seven Wonders" set 92 BC. Series features the investigations of Gordianus the Finder. (Chronology of the storyline does not match publishing order.)

 "Rome" quartet by MC Scott (aka Amanda Scott). Set AD 65.  The series features adventures and intrigue of Sebastos Pantera, spy to the Emperor Nero. Series includes "The Emperor's Spy", "The Coming of the King", "The Eagle of the Twelfth" and "The Art of War".

"Sea Kings" trilogy by Les Cole. Set during the end of the 18th century BC during the late Bronze Age. It features the goings-on within the vast trading network of the Cretans, and their Egypt and Mesopotamian associates. The story of ancient mariners and commerce. Trio includes "The Sea Kings: the Prophecy", "Lion at Sea: the Prophecy Continues" and "The Sea People: The Prophecy Resolved".

"Stone of Light" series of 4 by Christian Jacq. Story of the history, culture, people (both real and imagined) of Ancient Egyptian times. Series includes "Nefer the Silent", "The Wise Woman", "Paneb the Ardent" and "The Place of Truth". 

"Throne of the Caesars" (anticipated) series by Harry Sidebottom.  Set in 3rd century Rome it describes a dramatic era of murder, coup, counter-rebellions and civil war. "Iron and Rust" is the series initiate.

"Tyrant" series of 6 +? by Christian Cameron. The series is set at the time of Alexander the Great and concerns the history of the Euxine area and the inter-relations between Greeks and Scythians. The series begins with "Tyrant"

"Troy" series of 2 +? by Lindsay Clarke. Ancient Greek mortals as well as immortals (Zeus, Helen, Aphrodite, King Menalas, Pelius, Thetus, Agamemmon, Achilles, Odysseus, Hecto and Clytemnestra) feature in this reimagining of Homer's "Iliad". So far the series includes "The War at Troy" and "The Return from Troy".

"Vespasian" series of (anticipated) 7 by Robert Fabbri. Vespasian is the featured famous Roman in this series of military action and political intrigue. The prequel novella set 25 AD "The Crossroads Brotherhood" followed by "Tribune of Rome" start up the series.

"Warrior of Rome" series of 6 by Harry Sidebottom.  The series features General Ballista and his family as they survive the machinations of the Roman Empire and several of the crises of the mid-3rd century.  The first three volumes focus on the Eastern portion (Persia) of the Roman Empire.  The focus shifts to the Northern Empire (Black Sea, Crimea and the steppes) in the concluding three volumes.  The series involves "Fire in the East", "King of Kings", "Lion of the Sun", "The Caspian Gates", "The Wolves of the North" and "The Amber Road".

"Women of Genesis" (anticipated) series of 5 by Orson Scott Card.  This series features the wives of Biblical patriarchs of the book of Genesis.  The novels illuminate the hardships and triumphs, and make human the historic women.  "Sarah" starts the series.



"Chronicle of the Stone" trilogy by Vince Ford. Narrates the early stages of man's development as one ancient tribe invents a revolutionary chiseled arrowhead. Trio includes "Scorched Bone", "Set in Stone" and "Tribal Ash".

"Earth's Children" series of 6 by Jean M. Auel. Set in Prehistoric Europe during the Upper Paleolithic era. The volumes explore the interactions of Cro-Magnon people with Neanderthals. Series comprised of "Clan of the Cave Bear", "Valle of Horses", "Mammoth Hunters", "Plains of Passage", "Shelters of Stone" and "Land of Painted Caves".

"First Americans" 11 +? series by William Sarabande (aka Joan Hamilton Cline). Set in Prehistoric Ice Age. Features a nomadic Asian family's migration from Siberia, across the Bering Strait to, and settlement in America. Multi-generations of three different families are featured at different times in the series. Series begins with "Beyond the Sea of Ice".

"Ivory Carver" trilogy by Sue Harrison. Set on the Aleutian Island of Alaska in Prehistoric 7000 BD. The series imagines the story of several families of the Native American Aleut tribe during the Ice Age. The series includes "Mother Earth, Father Sky", "My Sister the Moon" and "Brother Wind".

"Kwani" trilogy by Linda Lay Shluer. Series features Native American tribal life in the Ancient American southwest and includes "She Who Remembers", "The Voice of the Eagle" and "Let the Drum Speak".

"North America's Forgotten Past" 17 volume series by W. Michael Gear and wife Kathleen O'Neal Gear. Features various civilizations and cultures throughout Prehistoric North America. Series begins with "People of the Wolf".

"Reindeer Moon" duo by Elizabeth Marshall Thomas. Coming-of-age stories with the Paleolithic Ice Age hunter-gatherers of Siberia. Set includes "Reindeer Moon" and "The Animal Wife".



"19th Lancers" (aka "Goff Family") trilogy by Max Hennessy (aka John Harris, Mark Hebden). Trilogy spans four generations of a British soldiering (cavalry) family during the height of the British Empire. Trilogy includes "Soldier of the Queen" (Crimean war and takes the Goff family to the end of the 19th Century), "Blunted Lances" (begins on the Nile with Kitchener, and takes the family to the end of the Great WWI in 1918) and "The Iron Stallions" (through the end of WWII).

"Abel Jones" series of 6 by Owen Parry (aka Ralph Peters). Features the goings-on of a Captain of the Volunteers Union soldier who investigates murders during the Civil War. Series begins in 1861-the early part of the Civil War and makes note of the cultural context and prejudices of the time. Series begins with "Faded Coat of Glory".

"Adam Horne Adventures" trilogy by Porter Hill (aka William Sydney Porter).  A series featuring Captain Adam Horne of the Bombay Marines.  Trilogy includes "The Bombay Marines", "The War Chest" and "China Flyer".

"Alexander Sheridan" series of 5 by V. A. Stuart (aka William Stuart Long, Violet Vivian F. Stuart Mann). Military action set mid-19th century in British imperial holdings (primarily India) and features the heroic exploits of Alexander Sheridan. Series includes "Victors and Lords", "The Sepoy Mutiny", "Massacre at Cawnpore", "Cannons of Lucknow" and "The Heroic Garrison".

"American Civil War Battle" series of 10 by James Reasoner (aka Mike Jameson, Dana Fuller Ross, Hank Mitchum, Peter Danielson, Jake Foster, William Grant, Noel Gerson, Donald Clayton Porter). Features the experiences of a farming family from Culpepper Virginia through various American Civil War military campaigns. Series begins with "Manassas".

"The Army of the Potomac" trilogy by Bruce Catton. The series portrays several key battles of the American Civil War as experienced by a private soldier in the Army of the Potomac (Union Army in the Eastern Theater of the Civil War). The series includes "Mr. Lincoln's Army" (Battle of Antietam), "Glory Road" (Battle of Fredericksburg and Battle of Gettysburg) and "A Stillness at Appomattox" (Appomattox).

"Aubrey-Maturin" series of 21 by Patrick O'Brian. Features the friendship and adventures of British Navy Capt. Jack Aubrey and ship's surgeon, natural philosopher and secret agent Stephen Maturin during the Napoleonic Wars. Series begins with "Master and Commander". Wikipedia has helpful chronology of volumes.

"Blackwood Family" (aka "Royal Marines Saga") 5 volume series by Douglas Reeman. Series spans a century and a half telling of the military nautical adventures of the British sea-faring Blackwood family. The story begins 1859 Africa and concludes in 1970 South Atlantic.  Series includes "Badge of Glory", "The First to Land", "The Horizon", "Dust on the Sea" and "Knife Edge".

"Bombay Marines" trilogy by Ellis Kirby Meacham. Features the adventures of Percival Merewether, an officer in the Honourable East India Company's private navy ("Bombay Marines" or the "Bombay Buccaneers") 1806-1808. Trio includes "The East Indiaman", "On the Company's Service" and "For King and Company".

"Bonaparte" (aka "Alain Lausard Adventures") series of 6 +? by Richard Howard. Set in France during the Napoleonic Wars and follows the fortunes of Alain Lausard across the Napoleonic campaigns. "Bonaparte's Sons" starts the series.

"Brethren of the Coast" (aka "Thomas Marlowe") trilogy by James L. Nelson. Nautical pirate adventures in pre-Revolutionary War times in America. Series includes "The Guardship", "The Blackbirder" and "The Pirate Round".

"Buccaneer Ned Yorke" 4 volume series by Dudley Pope. The series spans 280 years starting at the end of the Protectorate and the beginning of the Restoration.  The exploits of a Royalist Barbados planter turned buccaneer are featured.  The quartet includes "Buccaneer", "Admiral", "Galleon" and Corsair".

"Captain Alatriste" series of 7 by Arturo Pérez-Reverte. Relates the adventures of 17th century Spanish soldier Captain Alatriste. Series includes "Captain Alatriste", "Purity of Blood", "The Sun Over Breda", "The King's Gold", "The Cavalier in the Yellow Doublet", "Corsairs of the Levant" and "The Assassin's Bridge".

"Caspasian" series of 5 +? by Anthony Conway.  Set in the early 20th century.  Features the globe-spanning (India, South America, China, Egypt, Burma) adventures of British Officer Captain John Caspasian.  Volumes include "The Viceroy's Captain", "The General's Envoy", "The Colonel's Renegade", "The Brigadier's Outcast" and "The Major's Traitor".

"The Civil War" trilogy by Michael Shaara. The stories begins by tracing the lives of military leaders (Robert E. Lee, "Stonewall" Jackson). The four bloody days of the Battle of Gettysburg are recreated. The final two years of the Civil War are retold, featuring escalating conflict between Robert E. Lee and Ulysses S. Grant and the conclusion of the war at Appomattox. Trio includes "Gods and Generals", "The Killer Angels" and" The Last Full Measure".

"The Conquest" (anticipated) trilogy by Justin Hall. Series begins with "Shieldwall" which features the young Godwin Wulfnothson's rise to power (from hostage to Earl), the fall of Anglo-Saxon England and the 50 years of events leading up to the Battle of Hastings.

"Dando" series of 5 by William Clive (aka Ronald Bassett). Series is about a rowdy British soldier and his exploits at various stations in Asia in the 19th century. Series includes "Dando on Delhi Ridge" (1857 Indian Mutiny), "Dando and the Summer Palace" (1860 Taiping Rebellion in China), "Dando and the Mad Emperor" (1867 Abyssinian hostage rescue), "The Tune That They Play" (Zulu Wars) and "Blood of an Englishman" (siege of Cawnpore India).

"Empire" (aka "James Ogilvie") 14 volume series by Duncan MacNeil (aka Philip McCutchan). Series is set in various locales of the British Empire (primarily India) and features the exploits of James Ogilvie. First volume "Drums along the Khyber" (aka "The First Command") is set in the late 1870s during the Afghan War.

"Flashman Papers" series of 12 by George MacDonald Fraser.  The novels are presented as packets of memoirs written by Flashman (cad, coward, bully) as he recounts his "heroic" exploits with the British Army in Victorian 19th century. Features various locales and historic military actions of the British Empire at the time.  Series begins with "Flashman" and concludes with "Flashman on the March".

"Fox" 14 volume series by Adam Hardy (aka Kenneth Bulmer, Terry Harknett, Andrew Quiller, Neil Langholm, and Arthur Frazier). Charts the adventures (mostly sea but some on land) of Royal Navy George Abercrombie Fox from powder-monkey through years as a naval lieutenant during the Napoleonic era. Series begins with "The Press Gang" and concludes with "Close Quarters".

"The Halfhyde Adventures" series of 16 by Philip McCutchan (aka Duncan MacNeil, Robert Conington Galway).  Set at the turn of the 20th century, the series features Halfhyde's heroic seagoing adventures in her Majesty's Royal Navy outwitting the Russians, Germans and Japanese.  "Halfhyde at the Bight of Benin" is the first volume of the series. 

"Honor" series (anticipated 7 total) by Robert N. Macomber. Features the maritime career adventures of U.S. Navy enrollee Peter Wake. Series begins in 1863 Florida during the American Civil War with "At the Edge of Honor".

"Horatio Hornblower" series of 11 by C.S. Forester (aka Cecil Louis Troughton Smith). Features naval warfare during the Napoleonic era and the heroic seaman Hornblower. Per story chronology, series begins with prequel "Mr. Midshipman Hornblower" followed by "The Happy Return" (aka "Beat To Quarters").

"Isaac Biddlecomb" series of 5 by James L. Nelson. Maritime adventure series set amidst the American Revolutionary War. Features a heroic American merchant seaman. Series includes "By Force of Arms", "The Maddest Idea", "The Continental Risque", "Lords of the Ocean" and "All the Brave Fellows".

"Jack Steel: For Queen and Country" trilogy by Iain Gale. Features the exploits of an infantry officer in Queen Anne's Grenadiers. Series begins in 1704 and includes "Man of Honour", "Rules of War" and "Brothers in Arms".

"John Paul Jones" (anticipated) trilogy by Nicholas Nicastro. Story of America's first naval hero as he navigates the military, political, and romantic "battlefields" of revolutionary America and France. Series begins with "The Eighteenth Captain".

"John Pearce" 11 volume (12 total anticipated) series by David Donachie (aka Tom Connery, Jack Ludlow). Series follows the naval career and adventures at sea of a reluctant British seaman. Series begins in 1793 London with "By the Mast Divided".

"Kydd Sea Adventures" 14 +? series by Julian Stockwin. Set in late 18th century Napoleonic period.  Series features the seafaring adventures of Thomas Kidd; from his forced "volunteer" into service in the British Navy, through his promotion to Lieutenant and stint as a pirate captain. Series begins with "Kydd" and concludes with "Privateer's Revenge".

"Les Rois Maudits" (aka "The Accursed Kings") series of 7 by Maurice Druon. Features the demise of the 14th century French Capetian dynasty, extermination of the Knights Templar and the beginning of the Hundred Years' War.  Series volumes are "The Iron King", "The Strangled Queen", "The Poisoned Crown", "The Royal Succession", "The She-Wolf", "The Lily and the Lion" and "When a King Loses France".

"Long War" series of 4 +? by Christian Cameron. Narrates the happenings covering the conflicts between Greece and Persia…the whole of the Persian War from a first-person point of view. Series begins with "Killer of Men" (title named after Achilles, the man-killer of the Iliad) which follows in first-person the life of a young Greek farm boy Arimnestos who has vowed vengeance on Persia.

"Michael Fitton" 11 volume series of by Showell Styles.   Series features English Lieutenant Michael Fitton of the Royal Navy.  The series starts off with "Mr. Fitton's Prize" as Mr. Fitton joins the HMS Fortitude as Master's Mate. 

"Napoleonic" trilogy by Patrick Rambaud. Set in 19th century and features the Napoleonic Empire and the battles that brought it to an end. Trilogy begins in "The Battle" (1809 at the Battle of Essling), followed by "The Retreat" (1812 Moscow Campaign) and concludes with "The Exile" (1814 abdication and exile).

"Nathaniel Drinkwater" series of 14 by Richard Woodman. Series begins in the 1780s with the introduction of the young Navy Lieutenant Nathaniel Drinkwater in "An Eye of the Fleet".

"Nelson and Emma" trilogy by David Donachie (aka Jack Ludlow, Tom Connery). Series features the private and political intrigues of famous British military naval hero Horatio Nelson and his longtime mistress-love Emma Lyon. Action on land as well as sea.  Series includes "On Making Tide", "Tested by Faith" and "Breaking the Line".

"The Neophyte Warrior" 5 +? series by Richard Patton tells the life of young George Washington during the time of the French and Indian war in the 1750s. Series begins with "His Majesty's Envoy".

"Nicohlas Everard" (aka "Everard Naval") 9 volume series by Alexander Fullerton. Features the heroic military sea adventures of the Everard family (and in particular Nicholas Everard, an officer in the British Navy) during World Wars I and II. Series begins in 1916 Jutland with "The Blooding of the Guns" and concludes in "The Gatecrashers".

"Nicholas Ramage" (aka "Lord Ramage") 18 +? volume series by Dudley Pope. Series features the adventures at sea of British Royal Navy Jr. Lieutenant Nicholas Ramage. "Ramage" opens the series set in 1796.

"Oathsworn" trilogy by Robert Low. Chronicles the adventures of a rogue band of Viking warrior brothers called the Oathsworn who owe allegiance only to each other, and are bound by an oath made under the eye of Odin. Series includes "The Whale Road", "The Wolf Sea" and "The White Raven".

"Oliver Quintrell" (anticipated) quartet by M. C. Muir.  Set in the early 1800s and Napoleonic wars.  Initial volume is "The Floating Gold".   

"Otto Prohaska (Future Hero of the Habsburg Empire)" quartet by John Biggins. The somewhat comic military naval and aerial adventures of Austro-Hungarian loyal subject Otto Prohaska. Chronologically, the series begins with prequel "Tomorrow the World" followed by "A Sailor of Austria", "The Emperor's Colored Coat" and "The Two-Headed Eagle".

"Parade's End" quartet by Ford Maddox Ford.  The series centers on an English government statistician, gentleman and Army officer.  It follows him from the secure, orderly world of Edwardian England into the chaotic madness of the First World War.  Beginning in 1908 and set primarily in England and the Western Front.  Published in the omnibus "Parade's End" or as the individual volumes "Some Do Not", "No More Parades", "A Man Could Stand Up" and "Last Post".

"Patriots" series of 6 by Adam Rutledge (aka James Reasoner). Series about a band of spies for the American patriots in the Revolutionary War. Series includes "Sons of Liberty", "Rebel Guns", "The Turncoat", "Life and Liberty", Cannon's Call" and 'Stars and Stripes".

"Phillip Hazard" series of 8 by V. A. Stuart (aka William Stuart Long, Violet Vivian F. Stuart Mann). Features British naval operations in the mid-19th century during the time of the Crimean War, the Indian Mutiny and other conflicts of the British Empire.  Land-based as well as sea-based action.  Series starts with "The Valiant Sailors" and concludes with "Escape from Hell".

"Prelude to Glory" series of 9 by Ron Carter.  The early events of the American Revolutionary War, the newly established independence, and the War of 1812 are presented as seen through the eyes of common people.   Series begins with "Our Sacred Honor".

"Privateers and Gentlemen" series of 5 by John Williams (aka Walter John Williams).  Series features a sailing American family at the time of America's rebellion against Great Britain.  Members of the family are Yankee privateers working to support the Continental Navy.  The series has been re-released with new titles and includes "To Glory Arise" (aka "The Privateer"), "The Tern Schooner" (aka "The Yankee"), "Brig of War" (aka "The Raider"), "The Macedonian" and "Cat Island". 

"Rebel King" quartet by Charles Randolph and Carolyn Hale Bruce. Features the struggles of Robert de Brus (Robert the Bruce), the Scottish nobleman who went to war against 14th century Europe's most powerful army to reclaim independence and the throne of his ancestors. Quartet includes "Hammer of the Scots", "The Har'ships", "Bannock Burn" and "High King of Ireland".

"Regeneration" trilogy by Pat Barker. Series features a hospitalized WWI solder, the psychiatrist who treats soldiers for shell shock and the poet Wilfred Owen. Trilogy includes "Regeneration", "Eye in the Door" and "The Ghost Road".

"Revolution" quartet by Simon Scarrow. Set in late 18th century Europe and follows the life and military career of Napoleon Bonaparte and his great adversary the Arthur Wesley (the Duke of Wellington). Series includes "Young Bloods", "The Generals", "Fire and Swords" and "The Fields of Death".

"Revolution at Sea" series of 5 by James L. Nelson.  The series encompasses the years 1775 through 1777 during the American Revolution.  It features the adventures, smuggler, revolutionary, sailor and sea captain Isaac Biddlecomb.  Series volumes are "By Force of Arms", "The Maddest Idea", "The Continental Risque", "Lords of the Ocean" and "All the Brave Fellows".  

"Richard Bolitho" 30 +? volume series by Alexander Kent (aka Douglas Reeman). Chronicles the adventures under sail of Richard and Adam Bolitho in the British Royal Navy. Series begins in 1772 with "Midshipman Bolitho".

"Richard Delancey" series of 6 by Cecil Northcote Parkinson. Seafaring adventures of British Navy man set during the Napoleonic period. Series includes "The Devil to Pay", "The Fireship", "Touch and Go", "Dead Reckoning", "So Near, So Far" and "The Guernseyman".

"Richard Sharpe's Adventures" 24 volume military series by Bernard Cornwell. Primarily set in 19th century Europe and India. The series follows the adventures of Richard Sharpe as he advances up the ranks of the British Army in the Napoleonic Wars. Series begins with "Sharpe's Tiger".  Wikipedia has a helpful series list.

"Roger Brook" 12 volume series by Dennis Wheatley. Features the exploits throughout Europe and Asia of British spy Roger Brook. Series begins in 1783 with "The Launching of Roger Brook" and concludes in 1814 with "Desperate Measures".

"Roger Kelso" series of 9 by James Dillon White (aka Stanley White).  Features the Bombay Marines on the Indian Ocean mid-1700s (the time of Clive of India).  Series starts with "Young Mister Kelso" as Roger Kelso joins the East Indiaman Shoeshine as fourth mate. 

"Second World War" trilogy by Jeff Shaara. A chronicle of WWII through the voices of both familiar and unfamiliar heroes in the European and North African war theaters. Trilogy includes "The Rising Tide", "The Steel Wave" and "No Less Than Victory".

"Sergeant Jack Crossman" series of 8 by Garry Kilworth (aka Garry Douglas). Features the colorful military exploits of aristocratic British soldier "Fancy" Jack Crossman in the 19th century. Series begins during the Crimean War in "The Devil's Own".

"Shadow on the Crown" series of 5 by Nicholas Carter is about the English Civil War. "Portrays life in 17th century England through the eyes of the common men and women who fought and died for the distant causes of Parliament and the King." (Amazon UK). Series includes "Turncoat's Drum", "Storming Party", "And King's Men Crow", "Harvest of Swords" and "Stand by the Colors".

"Simon Fonthill" series of 8 by John Wilcox. Recounts the military adventures of British Army's Simon Fonthill as he defends the Empire. Series begins in the 1879 South African Zulu campaign with "The Horns of the Buffalo".

"Sparrowhawk" series of 6 by Edward Cline. Military action and male bonding in the context of the American Revolution. The series is set in the decades preceding the Revolution, beginning in the 1740s in England and concluding in 1775 in colonial Virginia. Volumes include "Jack Frake", "Hugh Kenrick", "Caxton", "Empire", "Revolution" and "War". 

"Starbuck Chronicles" series of 5 by Bernard Cornwell. Follows the exploits of a Boston-born Confederate Officer during the American Civil War. Series includes "Rebel", "Copperhead", "Battle Flag" and "The Bloody Ground".

"Sword of Honour" trilogy by Evelyn Waugh. Features the WWII experiences of a British Army Officer from an old English aristocratic family. Series includes "Men at Arms", "Officers and Gentlemen" and "Unconditional Surrender" (aka "The End of the Battle").

"This Land, This Time" quartet by Dobrica Cosic.  Epic account of WWI in Serbia. Series includes "A Time of Death", "Into the Battle", "Reach to Eternity" and "South to Destiny". 

"To The Ends of the Earth" (aka "Sea Trilogy") trilogy by William Golding. Saga of a former man-of-war's misadventerous sea voyage from England to the Antipodes (Australia) in the early 19th century (the Napoleonic era). Narrated by a young British aristocrat who is a passenger on board. The series is comprised of "Rites of Passage", "Close Quarters" and "Fire Down Below-To the End of the Earth".

"U. S. Civil War" duo by Harold Coyle. An Irish immigrant's two sons end up on opposing sides when the American Civil War breaks out. The brothers are active in many military campaigns (Bull Run, Wilderness and Mine Run Campaigns, Appomattox) and finally face each other at Gettysburg. Each becomes increasingly bitter, brutal and estranged. The set includes "Look Away" and "Until the End".

"William Bentley" series of 4 +? by Jane Needle (aka Frank Kippax). Features the adventures of a young sea officer. Portrayal of the British Navy in a less than favorable manner. Series begins with "A Fine Boy for Killing".



A trilogy by Zoe Oldenbourg set in 12th century France and Middle East at the time of the 3rd Crusade. Chronicles the life and love of French baron Ansiau of Linnieres, his wife Alis of Puiseaux and their kith and kin. Represents a "tragic vision" of life in the Middle Ages. Series includes "The World Is Not Enough" ("Argile et Cendres"), "The Cornerstone" ("La Pierre Angulaire") and "Destiny of Fire" ("Les Brûlés").

"Adelsverein" trilogy by Celia D. Hayes. Series features the migration of several German families from the Old Country to the Texas wilderness, their settlement and establishment of community. Set 1840 through the American Civil War.  Trio includes "Adelsverein the Gathering", "Adelsverein:  The Sowing" and "Adelsverein: The Harvesting". 

"Albany Cycle" of 8 by William Kennedy. Imagines a history of Albany, New York 1864 to 1980. The history of the city is revealed through complex generational family sagas. The cycle begins with "Legs"

"Alford Saga" (anticipated) 8 volume series by Paul Almond.  This series chronicles two hundred years of Canadian history as experienced by a settler's family and descendants.  "The Deserter" begins the series in early 1800s when a British Naval officer deserts and establishes on the Gaspe Coast of Canada.

"American Family Portrait" (aka "Morgan Family") series of 9 by Jack Cavanaugh. Family saga follows the Morgan family through American history, from the arrival of the Puritans and Revolutionary War through the 1960s and the Vietnam War. Series begins with "The Puritans" and concludes with "The Guardians".

"A Banner is Unfurled" series of 5 by Marcie Gallacher and Kerri Robinson. Set in the 1820s and follows the Latter Day Saints (LDS) Ezekial and Julia Johnson family (16 children). Series includes "A Banner is Unfurled", "Be Still My Soul", "Glory From on High", "Abide With Me" and "No Greater Love".

"Bennett's Island" series of 9 by Elisabeth Ogilvie. The series details the hard life of a lobstering family from an island off Maine. Set from the 1930's through the time of the Vietnam War. In story order, the series includes: "High Tide at Noon", "Storm Tide", "The Ebbing Tide" (comprising the "Tide" trilogy), "The Dawning of the Day", "The Seasons Hereafter", "Strawberries in the Sea" (comprising the "Lovers" trilogy), "An Answer in the Tide", "The Summer of the Osprey" and concluding with "The Day Before Winter".

"Beulah Land" trilogy by Lonnie Coleman. Saga of the Old American South, a Georgia plantation and the men and women, both free and slave, who were born and died there 1800 to 1895. Features the slave-holding, plantation owners Kendrick clan. Trio includes "Beulah Land", "Look Away, Beulah Land" and "Legacy of Beulah Land".

"Bridges Over Time" series of 6 by Valerie Anand (aka Fiona Buckley). Generational saga of an English serf family through nine centuries; from slaves to serfs to yeoman farmers to landed gentry. Series begins in medieval 1040 and concludes in 1226.  Volumes include "The Proud Villeins", "The Rughless Yeomen", "The Women of Ashdon", "The Faithful Lovers", "The Cherished Wives" and "The Dowerless Sisters".

"Calder Saga" 11 volume series by Janet Dailey. Set in pioneer Montana. A very rugged cowboy marries naive young Texan gal, makes good, and becomes a cattle baron with a legacy to hand down the generations. Series begins with "This Calder Range". 

"Cazalet Chronicles" series of 5 by Elizabeth Jane Howard. Saga of three generations of an upper class English family circa WWII 1937-1947. Series includes "The Light Years", "Marking Time", "Confusion", "Casting Off", and "All Change".

"A Chronicle of Ancient Sunlight" series of 15 by Henry Williamson.  The series follows the life of an Englishman (and his family), from his birth in the late 1890s to 1956.  Loosely based on Williamson's own life and experiences.  "The Dark Lantern" is the first volume and concludes with "The Gale of the World".

"Cole" trilogy by Noah Gordon.  This series spans 1000 years in the generations of a medical family dynasty.  It begins in 11th century London as a young Englishman travels to Persia to study medicine ("The Physician").  In the 19th century the patriarch travels to practice medicine in the cities, plains and battlefields of the New World ("The Shaman"). Finally in the 20th century the matriarch champions women's rights ("The Choice").

"The Coleman Family Saga" 2 +? series by Alan Simon. Features a middle class Pittsburg family during the WWII years. Series includes "First Christmas of the War" and "Thanksgiving 1942".

"Colonization of America" (aka "White Indian") 28 volume series by Donald Clayton Porter (aka James Reasoner, Dana Fuller Ross, Noel Gerson, Samuel Edwards, Hank Mitchum, Peter Danielson). Story of a white English infant abducted and raised as a Seneca Indian who becomes a warrior chief during the turbulent times of colonial America. Series begins in 1670 and continues with generations of Renno's descendants.  Series starts with "White Indian" and continues through "Medicine Shield".

"Coughlin" trilogy by Dennis Lehane. The interlinked novels span 1918-1943 and follows the rebellious life of Joe Coughlin. The story begins in the wake of WW1 featuring the Boston Police strike. The second book features Joe Coughlin's rise in Florida as a powerful mob boss with links to Cuba. The trilogy includes "The Given Day", "World by Night" and "World Gone By".

"Eden" series of 7 by Marilyn Harris. Family saga features the Eden family of England. Series begins with "This Other Eden" set in London and Devon coast in the 1790s at the time of the French Revolution and concludes in the 20th century with the outbreak of WWI in "Eden and Honor".

"Emigrant" quartet by Vilhelm Moberg. Saga of Swedish immigrant families as they settle in the American frontier mid-west (Minnesota) in the 19th century.  Series includes "The Emigrants", "Unto a Good Land", "Settlers" and "Last Letter Home".

"Fallon" trilogy by Reagan O'Neal (aka Robert Jordan, Jackson O'Reilly, James Oliver Rigney, Jr.). Series is set in South Carolina and southern states (Texas) in the 18th and 19th centuries.  It charts the lives of an Irish immigrant and fugitive, Michael Fallon, and his family. Trilogy includes "The Fallon Blood", "The Fallon Pride" and "The Fallon Legacy".

"Forsyte Chronicles" series of 9 by John Galsworthy (aka John Sinjohn). The chronicles tell of the ebbing social power of the upper-middle class British Forsyte family between 1886 and 1920. The "Forsyte Chronicles" contains three trilogies: "The Forsyte Saga" ("The Man of Property", "In Chancery", "To Let"), "A Modern Comedy" ("The White Monkey", "The Silver Spoon", "Swan Song") and the concluding "End of the Chapter" ("Maid in Waiting", "Flowering Wilderness", "One More River").

"Georgia" trilogy by Eugenia Price. Set in the American Old South, during the time period 1812 through the Civil War. The saga of two families of St. Simons Island, Georgia. Trio includes "Bright Captivity", "Where Shadows Go" and "Beauty from the Ashes".

"Gleiwitz Suite" series of 4 by Horst Bienek. Saga of the Piontek and Ossadnik families and their day-to-day life under Fascism in the German-Polish borderlands of Upper Silesia. Series includes "The First Polka", "September Light", "Time Without Bells" and "Earth and Fire".

"Greville Family Saga" (aka "Passing Bells") trilogy by Phillip Rock.  This story follows the aristocratic English Grenville family from 1914 (WW1) to the 1930s.  Series includes "The Passing Bells", "Circles of Time" and "A Future Arrived".

"A Horseman Riding By" trilogy by R. F. (Ronald Frederick) Delderfield. A family saga of 20th century rural English life after WWII. This series includes "Long Summer Day", "Post of Honor" and "The Green Gauntlet".

"House of Winslow" 40 volume series by Gilbert Morris. A Christian themed family saga. Follows generations of the Winslow family from Britain, to the landing at America's Plymouth Rock through both World Wars. Series begins with "The Honorable Imposter". See other series by Morris including: "American Century" (7 books), "Wakefield Dynasty" (7 books), "Appomattox Saga" (10 books), and "Liberty Bell" (7 books).

"Immigrants" (aka "Lavette Family") series of 6 by Howard Fast (aka E. V. Cunningham, Walter Ericson).  Features a French/Italian immigrant family from Europe as they arrive at New York and establish in America (California). Also intertwines the lives of three other immigrant families (Italian, Irish, and Chinese). Series begins in 1888 with "The Immigrants" and concludes in contemporary 20th century with "An Independent Woman".

"Kirov Saga" trilogy by Cynthia Harrod-Eagles (aka Emma Woodhouse and Elizabeth Bennett). Series chronicles the Kirov family, set during Imperial Russia of the 19th and early 20th centuries. Series includes "Anne" (begins in 1803 and covers the Napoleonic invasion of Russia), "Fleur" (begins in 1851 and covers the Crimean War) and "Emily" (begins in 1910 and covers WW1 and the Russian Revolution).

"Knighthill" trilogy by Emma Drummond (aka Elizabeth Darrell, Edna Dawes.).  Features an aristocratic English family proud of multi-generations of military service to King (Queen) and Country.  Set 1896 through WW1.  Steeped in military tradition, adventure and romance.  The trio includes "A Question of Honour", "A Distant Hero" and "Act of Valour".

"The Last Hundred Years: A Family Saga" trilogy by Jane Smiley. The saga begins in 1920 with the Langdon family on a farm in Iowa, and ends three generations later in 2020 with history happening in between. Series includes "Some Luck", "Early Warning" and "Golden Age".

"Loss of Eden" trilogy by John Masters. Traces the upheavals wrought by WWI and experiences of an English aristocratic, landed gentry family, their associates and servants. Series begins in 1915 with "Now God Be Thanked" and also includes "Heart of War" and "By the Green of the Spring".

"Mallen" trilogy by Catherine Cookson.  Follows the fortunes of a British family from 1851 through the dark days of WWI.  Series includes "The Mallen Streak", "Mallen Girl" and "Mallen Litter".

"McGann" series of 6 by Christopher Nicole (aka Alan Savage, Robin Cade, Nicholas Grant, Caroline Gray, Andrew York). Saga about a British seafaring family and the Royal Navy patriarch. Series includes "Old Glory", "The Sea and the Sand", "Iron Ships, Iron Men", "Raging Sun, Searing Sky" and "The Passion and the Glory".

"The Mill on the Po" (aka "Il mulino del Po") trilogy by Riccardo Bacchelli. The series dramatizes the conflicts and struggles of several generations of an Italian family of millers. Spanning nearly a century 1812 to the conclusion of WW1. The trio includes "God Bless You" (aka "Dio ti Salve"), "Misery Comes to a Boat" (aka "La Miseria Viene in Barca") and "Nothing New Under the Sun" (aka "Mondo Veccio Sempre Nuovo").

"Montana" (aka "McCaskill") trilogy by Ivan Doig. Saga chronicles the immigration of two Scottish families to Montana and their experiences on the Montana prairie from 1889 to 1989. Trio includes "English Creek", "Dancing at the Rascal Fair" (story-line prequel) and "Ride With Me, Mariah Montana".

"Morland Dynasty" 35 +? series by Cynthia Harrod-Eagles (aka Elizabeth Bennett, Emma Woodhouse). Epic series spans multi-generations of England's Morland family (1430s to contemporary times) and begins with "The Founding".

"Napoleonic Wars" series of 5 +? by Adrian Goldsworthy. The series features the adventures of the English 106th Regiment of Foot (and a specific British aristocrat who volunteers for military service), as they fight their way through Portugal, Spain, Canada, France, and finally to Waterloo in the Napoleonic Wars of early 19th century. The series begins with "True Soldier Gentlemen".

"Northrop Hall" trilogy by Margaret Bacon.  Features a titled English family residing on a grand estate as they (and their servants/workers) celebrate and suffer the turn of the 20th century onward. Trio includes "Northrop Hall", "The Years Between" and "For Better for Worse". 

"The Pedlocks" series of 6 by Stephan Longstreet. A multi-generational saga tells how a Jewish family settled in America at the time of the Civil War and eventually established a dynasty. Series includes: "The Pedlocks: The Story of a Family", "God and Sarah Pedlock", "Pedlock & Sons", "Pedlock Saint, Pedlock Sinner", "The Pedlock Inheritance" and "The Pedlocks in Love".

"Performers" 12 volume series by Claire Rayner. Traces the rich, dramatic history of two London families from the early 19th century through World War II and after.  Series begins with "Gower Street".

"Plantation" trilogy by Gwen Bristow. Features two settler families to the Louisiana wilderness and their descendants from the time of the American Civil War through WWI. Series includes "Deep Summer", "The Handsome Road" and "This Side of Glory".

"Poland" trilogy by James Conroyd Martin.  The series describes Poland's struggle to maintain its freedom as an independent nation in the 18-19th centuries. Features a Polish family struggling to live under Russian oppression.  The trio includes "Push Not the River", "Against a Crimson Sky" and "The Warsaw Conspiracy".  

"Poldark Saga" 12 volume series by Winston Graham. Multi-generational family saga of the English Poldark family and their long-standing feud with the local (Cornwall) banker and landowner. Set in 18th and early 19th century Cornwall England. The early volumes of the series have been republished with new titles.  Series begins with "Ross Poldark" (aka "The Renegade").

"The Polonsky Saga" series of 11 by Charles Angoff. The Jewish Polonsky family leaves Czarist Russia in 1900 and migrate to Boston, USA. Events affecting their lives, family relations, new home and the formation of the Israeli State are followed through various family members. Series begins with "Journey to the Dawn".

"A Poor Man at the Gate" series of 7 +? by Andrew Wareham.  Multi-generation, multi-locale saga beings in the 16th century with a young Englishman who escapes to America only to be taken up by privateers. Series full of historical context, riches, woes, adventures, intrigues and battles.  "The Privateersman" is the series first volume. 

"Republic" trilogy by Jack Ludlow (aka David Donachie, Tom Connery). Family saga following the lives of two Roman families, bound together by a joint prophecy with focus on two boys born on the same day to opposing circumstances. Set in the years preceding the advent of the Caesars. Series includes "The Pillars of Rome", "The Sword of Revenge" and "The Gods of War".

"Retallick Saga" 9 volume series by E. V. Thompson (aka James Munro) features the experiences of multi-generations of the Retallick family in various British colonial locales (England, Australia and South Africa). The series begins in early 19th century Cornwall England with story line prequel "Ben Retallick" and concludes in 1915 with "Brothers in War".

"Russian" series of 7 by Judith Pella. Story of the inextricably intertwined lives of two families in pre-revolutionary Russia.  Series begins with "The Crown and the Crucible".

"Sackett" series of 17 (plus 2 short stories and 7 other novels involving Sacketts per Wikipedia) by Louis L'amour. Chronicles multi-generations of the pioneering Sackett family as they move from Elizabethan England (1600) to America, cross the Atlantic wilderness, settle in the Appalachians, move west to the Great Plains, the Rockies and on to California.  Series begins with "Sackett's Land".

"Savage Family" saga of 8 by John Masters. The series traces the history of the British in India through the lives of successive generations of the Savage family who served in the British and Indian Armies. Series includes "Coromandel!" (17th century. Runaway young John Savage ends up in India), "The Deceivers" (William Savage-an English officer goes undercover to root out the ritual murders of Thuggee in the 1820s), "Nightrunners of Bengal" (Rodney Savage becomes involved in the1857 Sepoy Mutiny), "Lotus and the Wind" (Robin Savage plays a part in the Great Game between Britain and Russia on the Indian NW frontier, "Far, Far the Mountain Peak" (mountaineering and WW1), "Bhowani Junction" (Rodney Savage becomes embroiled in the chaos of the last days of the Raj, Britain's exodus and India's Emancipation in 1947), "To the Coral Strand" (Rodney Savage remains in India after Independence and suffers transition difficulties) and "The Ravi Lancers" (a Savage family member commands an Indian regiment at the Western Front during WW1).

"Savage Saga" series of 4 by Fred Mustard Stewart. Multi-generational saga follows the international adventures of a wealthy New York clan descended from a shipping magnate. Series begins in 1851 with "The Magnificent Savages" and also includes "The Young Savages", "The Naked Savages" and "The Savages in Love and War".

"Spoils of Time" (aka "Lytton Family") trilogy by Penny Vincenzi. Features a British patrician family clan in 20th century London to New York.  Series includes "No Angel", "Something Dangerous" and "Into Temptation".

"Stapleton" series of 9 by Thomas Fleming.  Follows a powerful New York-New Jersey clan as they develop from colonial merchants, to Gilded Age industrialists, from Federalist politicians, to Washington, D.C. power brokers.   Series includes "The Liberty Tavern", "Dreams of Glory", "The Spoils of War", "Rulers of the City", "A Passionate Girl", "Promises to Keep", "Remember the Morning", "The Wages of Fame", "When This Cruel War Is Over" and "The Secret Trial of Robert E. Lee".

"Sun on the Mountains" trilogy by Tyler Trafford. Family saga of six generations of the Quaker banker James family forced from Philadelphia for their pacifist beliefs at the time of the American Revolutionary War. The family re-establishes their lives and fortunes on the Canadian West prairie. Series includes "Alexander's Way", "The Story of Blue Eye" and "Mary".

"Swann Family" trilogy by R. F. (Ronald Frederick) Delderfield. Series set in Victorian (and emerging Edwardian) Britain. Explores the developing fortunes of the Swann family generations as well as those of industrializing, imperial England from 1858 to WWI. Series includes "God is an Englishman", "Theirs Was the Kingdom" and "Give Us This Day".

"Texas" quartet by Fern Michaels (aka Mary Ruth Kuczkir). Saga traces the exploits of four generations of a powerful American dynasty-the Coleman family. Series begins in the 1940s with "Texas Rich" and continues with "Texas Heat", "Texas Fury" and "Texas Sunrise". See Michaels' sequel trilogy "Vegas" beginning in 1922 with "Vegas Rich" which introduces the Thornton family dynasty.

"Van Vliet Family" trilogy by Jacqueline Briskin. Features the settling and development of Los Angeles, California late 19th century, two prominent families and their successive generations. Trilogy includes "Paloverde", "Rich Friends" and "The Onyx".

"Von Trotta Family" series of 2 by Joseph Roth. The saga of three generations of the Trotta family chronicles the decline/fall of the Austro-Hungarian Empire from 1859 to the 1938 forced incorporation of Austria by Nazi Germany. The set includes "Radetzky March" and "The Emperor's Tomb".

"War at Home" 2 + ? series by Cynthia Harrod-Eagles. A saga of a British middle class Hunter family as their fairly predictable lives are disrupted by WWI. The various costs of The Great War feature strongly. Series so far includes "Goodbye Piccadilly" and "Keep the Home Fires Burning".

"Werner Family Saga" (aka "Stern-Werner") 4 +? series by Belva Plain. Saga of the intertwined lives of two families in America; an aristocratic German-Jewish family, and a poor immigrant from Poland. Timeframe spans from the turn of the 16th century to the 1960s and the Vietnam War. Series begins with "Evergreen" followed by "The Golden Cup", "Tapestry" and "Harvest".

"Whiteoaks of Jalna" series of 16 by Mazo De La Roche. Series chronicles 100 years (1854-1954) of exploits of the prosperous Whiteoaks of Lake Ontario, Canada. Series story line begins with "Building of Jalna" and concludes with "Centenary at Jalna" (publishing sequence does not match story line chronology).

"Wild Swan" trilogy by Celeste De Blasis. Series spans the lives of Alexandria Carrington Falconer and her descendants from 1813 to 1894 in both England and America. Trio begins in the 1810s with "Wild Swan" and continues with "Swan's Chance" and "A Season of Swans".

"Williamsburg" series of 7 by Elswyth Thane. Series spans 170 years of two Williamsburg Virginia families and their English relatives from time of the American Revolution to WWII. Series begins with "Dawn's Early Light" and concludes with "Homing".

"Windhaven" 14 volume saga by Marie de Jourlet (aka Paul Little, Paula Little, Paula Minton, Leigh Franklin James). A multi-generational chronicle of the Bouchard family dynasty from 1789 revolutionary France to the Old South of America (Alabama). Series begins with "Windhaven Plantation".

"Zion" multi-volume series by Bodie and Brock Thoene. Series about the Jewish experience in WWII Nazi Europe through Israel's 1948 War of Independence. The "Zion" series includes 3 sub-series: "Zion Covenant" [series of 9 beginning with "Vienna Prelude" set 1936], "Zion Chronicles" [series of 5 beginning with "Gates of Zion" set 1947], and "Zion Legacy" [series of 6 beginning with "Jerusalem Vigil" set 1948].



An African trilogy by Brigid Knight (aka Kathleen Sinclair). Set in early 19th century South Africa. It is the story of multi-generations of English and Dutch settlers and the Kaffirs. This series includes "Walking the Whirlwind", "The Sun Rises Slowly" and "The Covenant".

"African" trilogy by Chinua Achebe.  Series describes the process of European colonialism in Africa, from the point of view of generations of the Igbo of people of Eastern Nigeria. The trio includes "Things Fall Apart", "No Longer at Ease" and "Arrow of God".

"Courtney" 13 volume series by Wilbur Smith.  This family saga series chronicles the lives of successive generations of the Courtney family.  Set during 1660s-1987 of South African history.  Set primarily in colonial South Africa in the 1800-1900s (although a few in the series are set either earlier or in later contemporary times).  The sequence begins with "When the Lion Feeds" and concludes with "The Triumph of the Sun". Wikipedia has a helpful list of the volumes chronologically per story line.

"Forest" (aka "Knysna") quartet by Dalene Matthee.  Set in Africa's southern cape Outeniqua Forest. Opens in the 1860s.  Group includes "Circles in a Forest", "Fiela's Child", "The Mulberry Forest" and Dream Forest".

"Kaywana" trilogy by Edgar Mittelholzer.  Family saga chronicle of six generations of the Van Groenwegel family from the 17th century to the mid-20th century in British Guiana (modern Guyana) during upheavals of society, rulers, economics and politics. Trio includes "Children of Kaywana", "Hubertus" (later republished as "Kaywana Stock") and "The Old Blood".

"Robert Hamilton" 2 +? series by Tony Maxwell. A young Canadian goes to South Africa in search of diamonds, settles in and fights with the Boers against the English. "The Young Lions" begins the series. Romance crossover.

 "Segu" duo by Maryse Condé.  The first novel "Segu" is about an 18th century African family in the pre-colonial Kingdom of Segu (situated in the northern regions of West Africa).  The whole of their lives are challenged with the introduction of the slave trade and Islam.  The companion "Children of Segu" focuses on the 19th century tribal wars, Islamic conquest and French occupation of the African Segu kingdom.

"Zulu Wars" (aka "South Africa") quartet by Henry Gibbs (Henry St. John Clair Rumbold-Gibbs).  The group includes "The Splendour and the Dust", "'The Winds of Time", "Thunder at Dawn" and "The Tumult and the Shouting".



"Aztec" series of 6 by Gary Jennings (aka Gabriel Quyth) with contributing authors Robert Gleason and Junius Podrug. The series reveals the depths of great Aztec civilization and the history of Mexico-from the splendor of the Aztec capital of Tenochtitlan to the arrival of Hernán Cortás and his Conquistadores, and their destruction of the Aztec empire. The saga includes "Aztec", "Aztec Autumn", "Aztec Blood", "Aztec Rage", "Aztec Fire" and "Aztec Revenge".

"Black Majesty" duo by Christopher Nicole. Based on the life of Haiti's first emperor. Saga follows the fortunes of slave-master Philippe, Seigneur de Mortmain and the woman who loves him but finds herself drawn toward revolt. Set includes "The Seeds of Rebellion" and "Wild Harvest".

"Boudicca" quartet by Manda Scott. The tales of Boudicca-a 1st century A.D. queen of the Iceni tribe of East Anglia who led a tribal uprising against the occupying forces of the Roman Empire. Series includes "Dreaming the Eagle", "Dreaming the Bull", "Dreaming the Hound" and "Dreaming the Serpent Spear".

"Haitian Slave" trilogy by Madison Smartt Bell. Series features Toussaint Louverture and the Haitian Slave Rebellion set in the late 1700s and early 1800s. The Rebellion successfully transformed Haiti from a European colony to the world's first Black republic. Series begins with "All Souls Rising", followed by "Master of the Crossroads" and concludes with "The Stone That the Builders Refused".

"Inca" trilogy by Antoine B. Daniel (aka French novelists Antonie Audouard and Jean-Daniel Baltassat). Features the Spanish conquest of Peru and the great Incan Empire, and a love story between a Spanish Conquistador and an Inca Princess. The trilogy includes "The Puma's Shadow", "The Gold of Cuzco" and "The Light of Machu Picchu".

"Mesa" trilogy by Ardath Mayhar (aka Frank Cannon, Frances Hurst, John Killdeer). This Prehistoric Indian series begins with "People of the Mesa" which features the Anasazi, a pre-Columbian tribe in what is now Colorado. The series also includes "Island in the Lake" (features the Nadicha, aka Mound Builders, in what is now East Texas) and "Towers in the Earth" (features the Geh-i-nah in the mountains of present-day New Mexico).



"America West" trilogy by Rosanne Bittner. The series chronicles the settling of the United States with each story moving progressively West into a new location and era. Trilogy includes "Into the Wilderness: the Long Hunters" (set 1750s Allegheny Mountains of Pennsylvania amidst the French and Indian War), "Into the Valley: the Settlers" (set 1780 Ohio Valley amidst the American Revolution) and "Into the Prairie: the Pioneers" (set 1810 on the wild prairies of the Indiana Territory).

"American Chronicles" series of 9 +? by Robert Vaughn (aka Paul Fairman, Paula Moore, Eugenius Philalethes and many other pen names). Story of the Canfield family and associated friends and descendants from 1901 through the 1960's. Rich throughout with the weaving of actual historic American events.  Series opens at the beginning of the 20th century in 1904 with robber-baron industrialists and rapid territorial expansion in "Dawn of the Century".

"American Palace" series of 5 by Evan Rhodes.  Story features the history of the White House (the "American Palace"), Washington, and the American nation. Woven throughout the rich history represented are two dynastic and feuding American families. Series spans 1792 through 1860s.  Volumes include "Bless This House", "Forged in Fury", "Valiant Hearts", "A Distant Dream" and "The Divided Heart".

"Awakening Land" trilogy by Conrad Richter. The story follows the Luckett family's migration from Pennsylvania to Southeastern Ohio, and traces the transformation of Ohio from wilderness to farmland to the site of modern industrial civilization within the lifetime of a single character. Series includes "The Trees", "The Fields" and "The Town".

"Beulah" series of 5 by Mary Lee Settle. A multi-generational family saga about the roots of American culture, class and identity. Traces three hundred years of three families from Cromwell's England to a West Virginia valley. Series includes "Prisons", "O Beulah Land", "Know Nothing", "The Scapegoat" and "The Killing Ground".

"Big Sky" trilogy by A. B. (Arthur Bertram) Guthrie, Jr. depicts the lives of Americans settling the far American West along the upper Missouri and Columbia rivers from 1820 to the beginning of the 20th century.  Trio includes "The Big Sky", "The Way West" and "Fair Land, Fair Land".

"Border" trilogy by Cormac McCarthy. Features a depiction of ranch life on the New Mexico-Mexico border in the 1940s and early 1950s. Trilogy includes "All the Pretty Horses", "The Crossing" and "Cities of the Plain".

"Calling Crow" trilogy by Paul Clayton. Saga features the peaceful Muskogee tribe in their native lands in Southeastern America (later to be known as Georgia and South Carolina) and their struggles with the invading Spanish Catholics. Trilogy includes "Calling Crow", "Flight of the Crow" and "Calling Crow Nation".

"Canadians" series of 7 by Robert Wall.  Saga of tough fighting men and proud women challenging destiny for a nation's freedom.  Series begins with "Blackrobe" and concludes with "Brotherhood".

"Florida" trilogy by Eugenia Price. An old South saga set in the 18th century Northern Spanish Florida. The stories weave in the state's Spanish and Seminole history. Series includes "Don Juan McQueen", "Maria" and "Margaret's Story".

 "Great Episode" multi-volume series by Ann Rinaldi.  This is a lengthy series of young adult novels set during the American Colonial era.  (See Wikipedia for series list.)

"Iroquois" quartet by W. Michael Gear and wife Kathleen O'Neal Gear.  Series set in war-torn 15th century New York, New England and Ontario.  It relates the story of Iroquois tribes locked in bitter, violent warfare amongst themselves.  The series includes "People of the Longhouse", "The Dawn Country", "The Broken Land" and "People of the Black Sun". 

"Kent Family Chronicles" (aka "American Bicentennial") 8 book series by John Jakes (aka Alan Payne, Jay Scotland). Features multi-generations of the Kent family and their connections with historical events throughout the series time span.  Spans time from the American Revolution to the turn of the 20th century.   Begins with "The Bastard" and concludes with "The Americans". Timeline and some of the characters are carried over in Jakes' "Crown Family" historical fiction duo set in Chicago beginning 1893.

"Kentuckians" trilogy by Janice Holt Giles about the settling of the Kentucky frontier. Series starts in 1775 and includes "The Kentuckians" (the story of the men, including Daniel Boone, who first established homesteads in Kentucky), "Hannah Fowler" (story of a strong pioneer woman) and "The Believers" (Kentucky independence versus conspiracy to be a Spanish territory).

"Le Québécois/Sebastien Provencher" trilogy by Doris Provencher Faucher. Set in the mid-1600s, this series details the struggles and dreams of French peasants who risked everything in order to make a new life for themselves in the untamed wilderness of New France (Quebec Canada-along the St. Lawrence River valley). It follows three generations of the original settler couple's descendants. Series includes "The Virgin Forest", "The Rapids" and "Imperial Conquest".

"Leatherstocking Tales" series of 5 by James Fenimore Cooper.  Set in 18th century American wilderness and features the adventures of a hunter, Indian fighter, American spy for the British. Volumes (in story sequence) per Wikipedia are: "The Deerslayer" (aka "The First Path"), "The Last of the Mohicans" (aka "A Narrative of 1757"), "The Pathfinder" (aka "The Inland Sea"), "The Pioneers" (aka "The Sources of the Susquehanna; A Descriptive Tale") and "The Prairie" (aka "A Tale").

"Lonesome Dove" series of 4 by Larry McMurtry.  Saga of the American West and adventures of two Texas Rangers from the time of the Republic of Texas to the beginning of the 20th century.  Series includes (listed chronologically per storyline) "Dead Man's Walk", "Comanche Moon", "Lonesome Dove" and "Streets of Laredo".

"Midwife" (aka "Hannah Blau-Sokolow") series of 2 +? by Gay Courter. The tale of a young Russian Jewish midwife who immigrates to New York City during the early 1900s and challenges the male-dominated world of Obstetrics. The series includes "The Midwife" and "The Midwife's Advice".

"Narratives of the Empire" ("American Chronicles") series of 7 by Gore Vidal. This series follows the growth of America from colonial times to the 1950s through the weaving of experiences of a fictional family with non-fictional historical characters. The series includes "Burr", "Lincoln", "1876", "Empire", "Hollywood", "Washington, D.C." and "The Golden Age".

"New York" series of 5 by Bruce Nicolaysen. Family saga of the Dutch immigrants de Kuypers family, their successive generations, and the early settling of New York City and state. Series story line begins in 1613 and continues through 1930. The series includes "From Distant Shores", "On Maiden Lane", "Beekman Place", "Pirate of Gramercy Park" and "Gracie Square".

"Old New York" 4 +? series by Beverly Swerling. Multi-generational family saga set in early days of the mid-Atlantic States 1660s to 1886 and features the intertwined destinies of two early immigrant families. Series includes "City of Dreams: A Novel of Early Manhattan", "City of Glory: A Novel of War and Desire in Old Manhattan", "Shadowbrook: A Novel of Love, War, and the Birth of America" and "City of God".

"O'Malley Family" (aka "The O'Malley Family in the Twentieth Century") 6 +? series by Andrew Greeley. Story of an irrepressible and resilient Irish Catholic family caught up in the rush of contemporary American history from the 1940s through the 1980s. The series begins with "A Midwinter's Tale".

"The Peaceable Kingdom: An American Saga" (aka "The Quaker") quartet by Jan de Hartog. A fictionalized account of the origin of the Religious Society of Friends (Quakers) and their struggle for religious freedom in England and America. Set primarily in the 17th century. The series includes (per Goodreads): "The Children of the Light", "The Holy Experiment", "The Peculiar People" and "The Lambs War".

"Pennsylvania Frontier" series of 14 +? by Roy F. Chandler.  This series features frontier times in Central Pennsylvania with Iroquois Native Americans and early colonials.  Series begins with "Arrowmaker". 

"Plainsmen" series of 16 by Terry C. Johnston.  Tells of the U.S. Army struggles with the Native American Indians and their encounters ("Indian Wars") during of the later 19th century.  Series begins in 1866 with "Sioux Dawn". 

"Random Passage" duo by Bernice Morgan. This is a story of the early (1800's) settlers to the harsh, fishing costal island of colonial Newfoundland. The duo includes "Random Passage" and "Waiting for Time (aka "Cape Random)".

"Real People Saga" series of 12 +? by Robert J. (Jackson) Conley.  Traces Cherokee history in American, beginning in 1500 with "The Way of the Priests" through the late 18th century with "Sequoyah".

"Sackett" trilogy by Sally Cabot Gunning. The story of everyday life (or not) during the colonial, pre-American Revolutionary War period on Cape Cod. Presented from a woman's point of view. Trio includes "The Widow's War", "Bound" and "The Rebellion of Sally Clarke".

"Saga of the Sierras" (aka "Legends of the West") series of 12 +? by Bodie and Brock Thorne.  Series follows the lives of several pioneer families of the Western American frontier (California) mid-19th century. Series begins with "The Man From Shadow Ridge".

"Savannah" quartet by Eugenia Price. Saga of the Old American South. Follows the fortunes of the American city of Savannah, Georgia and three families from 1800 to 1860 (through the War of 1812 and Civil War). Series includes "Savannah", "To See Your Face Again", "Before the Darkness Falls" and "Stranger in Savannah".

"Skye's West" series of 19 +? by Richard S. Wheeler. Features the exploits and adventures of Barnaby Skye, a deserter from the British Royal Navy and legendary mountain man, frontiersman, trapper and guide. Primarily set in the American West frontier wilderness. Chronologically the story begins in 1826 with prequels "Rendezvous" and "Dark Passage".

"Son of the Plains" (aka "Custer") trilogy by Terry C. Johnston.  Saga of fiery U.S. Calvary General George A. Custer. Series includes "Long Winter Gone", "Seize the Sky" and "Whisper of the Wolf". 

"Sons of Texas" trilogy by Tom Early (aka Elmer Kelton, Alex Hawk, Lee McElroy).  Series follows the lives and adventures of the Mordecai Lewis family from 1816 through the era of the Alamo and Texas Independence in the 1830's, and culture clashes in-between. Trio includes "Sons of Texas", "The Raiders" and "The Rebels".

"Spanish Bit Saga" series of 29. Features the adventures of lost 16th century Spanish explorers in America (who are adopted by the Elk Dog Indian peoples of the American Central Plains) and their descendants. Series begins with "Trail of the Spanish Bit" and concludes with "The Moon of Madness". (There are also three Spanish Bit "spin-off" books: "World of Silence", "The Traveler" and "The Changing Wind".)

"Tender Ties Historical Series" trilogy by Jane Kirkpatrick.  The story of the first expedition to the American West after Lewis and Clark. This group included 60 men, one woman, her husband and two little boys.  That woman was Marie Dorion Venier Toupin, the Ioway Indian woman who accompanied the Astor overland expedition in 1812. This series is based on her life crossing the Rocky Mountains and settling in the Northwest.  The series includes "A Name of Her Own", "Every Fixed Star" and "Hold Tight the Thread".

"Tennessee Frontier" (aka "Overmountain Men") trilogy by Cameron Judd. Saga features frontier life and adventures the settlers encountered on the plains of Tennessee, Kentucky, North Carolina, and Virginia during 1757 to 1777. Series includes "Overmountain Men", "The Border Men" and "The Canebrake Men".

"Texas Rangers" series 8 +? by Elmer Kelton which chronicles of the origins of the renowned Texas Rangers, beginning with "The Buckskin Line".

"Titus Bass" (aka "Mountain Man") series of 9 by Terry C. Johnston.  Story of a 19th century Kentucky farm boy who becomes a frontiersman along the Ohio River and American West. Series starts with "Dance on the Wind" and concludes with "Wind Walker".

"Trail Drive" series of 25 +? by Ralph Compton (later books in the series were written after Compton's death under his name by assignment to authors Ralph Cotton, Jory Sherman (aka Cort Martin), Dusty Richards and Robert Vaughan).  Features the adventures of Texas Rangers turned bold trail-drivers. The series begins just after the Civil War in 1865 with "The Goodnight Trail".

"Trilogy of Desire" (aka "Cowperwood") trilogy by Theodore Dreiser. A story inspired by the life of 19th century American robber baron and transportation magnate Charles Yerkes. The series includes "The Financier", The Titan" and "The Stoic".

"Wagons West" series of 24 by Dana Fuller Ross (aka James Reasoner, Noel Gerson, Donald Clayton Porter, Samuel Edwards, Hank Mitchum, Peter Danielson).  Series features the families on the first wagon train heading to Oregon in 1837 and continues on with descendants through 1941. Series starts with "Independence" and concludes with "Celebration". (See also the prequel trilogy "Wagons West Frontier" beginning with "Westward!".  See also two sequel series "The Holts, An American Dynasty" beginning with "The Oregon Legacy" and its sequel "Wagons West Empire" beginning with "Honor!".) See Fantastic Fiction website for complete series list.

"Wilderness" series of 6 by Sara Donati (aka Rossina Lippi).  Multi-generational saga of the early American Bonner family set in 1790s up-state New York wilderness. Series includes "Into the Wilderness", "Dawn on a Distant Shore", "Lake in the Clouds", "Fire Along the Sky", "Queen of Swords" and "The Endless Forrest".

"Winning of America" series of 6 +? by Allan W. Eckert. Account of the Native American Indians, French, English, early American colonists and the turbulence involved in wrestling the westward expansion of North America.  Series begins with "The Frontiersmen: A Narrative".

"Yellowstone Kelly" quartet by Peter Bowen. A "burlesque" re-write American history. This series is based on the real-life exploits of Luther Sage "Yellowstone" Kelly, a hunter, scout, rancher and ambassador between the white and native people of the 19th century American West. The series includes "Yellowstone Kelly", "Kelly Blue", "Imperial Kelly" and "Kelly and the Three-Toed Horse".

"U.S.A." trilogy by John Dos Passos. The series relates the lives of 12 different characters struggling to find a place in the developing American society of the 20th century (1910 to 1930). Trilogy includes "42nd Parallel", "1919" and "The Big Money".



"Alexandria" quartet by Lawrence Durrell (aka Charles Norden). Set amidst the intrigues in Alexandria, Egypt in the 1930s and 1940s. The series represents four different points of view on a single set of events. Series includes "Justine", "Balthazar", "Mountolive" and "Clea".

"Arbat" trilogy by Anatoli Rybakov. Story represents the vast panorama of Soviet life under Stalin.  It charts the experiences of a group of childhood friends who grew up in Moscow's Arbat district. Set during the events of the early 1930s ("Five Year Plan", Ukraine famine, Great Purge, Sergey Kirov's murder, "Stalin's Children") through the events of 1943 (Soviet Union turned the tide of WWII against Nazi Germany). Series includes "Children of the Arbat" ("Deti Arbata"), "Fear" ("Strakh") and "Dust and Ashes" ("Prakh i Pepel").

"Asian Saga" of 7 by James Clavell. The novels all center on the Anglo-Saxon in Asia, and together they explore the impact on East and West of the meeting of these two distinct civilizations. Epic series includes (per story timeline) "Shogun" (1600's medieval feudal Japan), "Tai-Pan" (1841 Hong Kong), "Gai-Jun" (1862 feudal Japan), "King Rat" (1945 Japanese prison camp in Malaya), "Noble House" (1963 contemporary Hong Kong), "Whirlwind" and "Escape" (both 1979 Iran post Shah exile)."

"Burmese" trilogy by Prem Sharma. A trio based on Sharma's experiences during the WWII Japanese invasion of Burma and his refuge in India (at the time of India's struggle for independence). Trilogy includes "Karma's Embrace", "Mandalay's Child" and "Escape from Burma".

"Buru" quartet by Pramoedya Ananta Toer. Set in the Dutch East Indies (Java) in 20th century and represents a sweep of Indonesian history and colonial politics. The quartet follows the personal and political life of a leader of the revolution against the Dutch, from early in the century through independence. Foursome includes "This Earth of Mankind", "Child of all Nations", "Footsteps" and "House of Glass ".

"Cairo" trilogy by Nobel laureate Naguib Mahfouz. Story set in colonial (early 20th century) Egypt and features three generations of a Muslim family in Cairo during Britain's occupation of Egypt. Trio includes "Palace Walk", "Palace of Desire" and "Sugar Street".

"China Coast" trilogy by Christopher New. Series begins with a young Englishman's arrival in 1903 Shanghai and follows his dynasty-building descendants through Chinese history to 1984 as British and Chinese negotiate the fate of Hong Kong.  Trio includes "Shanghai", "The Chinese Box" and "A Change of Flag".

"Conqueror" series of 5 by Conn Iggulden. Set in 12th century Asia, and features the lives of the great Mongol warlord conqueror Genghis Khan and his descendants. Series includes "Genghis: Birth of an Empire", "Genghis: Lords of the Bow", "Bones of the Hill", "Empire of Silver" and "Conqueror".

"Daimyo" trilogy by William Morell. Series features a former legendary warrior samurai, now a Ronin. Set in 1500's feudal Japan. Series also features adventures to other locales in Europe (UK) and Asia (Ottoman Empire). Trilogy includes "Daimyo", "Daimyo's Revenge" and "Daimyo's Conquest".

"Destiny of Eagles" series of 5 by Sacha Carnegie. Series begins in 1748 and is set primarily in Poland and Russia. Story of love that survives war, revolution and time. Series includes "The Banners of Love", "The Banners of War", "The Banners of Power" (aka "Kasia and The Empress"), "The Banners of Courage" and "The Banners of Revolt".

"Eight Banners" duo by Alan Savage (aka Christopher Nicole, Nicholas Grant, Robin Cade, Caroline Gray, Andrew York). Story involves mid-19th century China's decaying Ming Dynasty, the Manchus, and the exploits of an opportunistic English merchant (and his family). Duo comprised of "The Eight Banners" and "The Last Bannerman".

"Empire of the Moghul" series of 5 by Alex Rutherford (aka Diana and Michael Preston).  Series covers the rise and height of the Moghul Empire in medieval India.  Barbar ruler of the Moghul Empire, his son and second ruler Humayun, Akbar, Jahangir and Shah Jahan and the Taj Mahal are featured in the series.  Volumes are "Raiders from the North", "Brothers at War", "Ruler of the World", "The Tainted Throne" and The Serpent's Tooth".

"Falcon" trilogy by Axel Aylwen. Set in 17th century Siam.  The series features the Greek born English merchant Constantine Phaulkon's (Falcon of Siam) rise to power during the reign of King Narai the Great. Series includes "The Falcon of Siam", "The Falcon Takes Wing" and "The Falcon's Last Flight".

"Farn Mabul, Before the Flood" (aka "Three Cities") trilogy by Sholem Asch. Describes Jewish life in the first two decades of the 20th century in St. Petersburg, Warsaw and Moscow. The series includes "Petersburg", "Warsaw" and "Moscow".

"Heaven's Favorite" duo by Tom Shanley. A retelling of the rise of the 12th century warrior Chinggis Kahn (Genghis Kahn) and the expansion of his Asian empire during the 13th century. The set includes "Ascent: The Rise of Chinggis Khan" and "Dominion: The Dawn of the Mongol Empire".

"House of Earth" trilogy by Pearl S. Buck. Depicts life of a Chinese peasant family and traditional Chinese culture in early 20th century. Series includes "The Good Earth", "Sons" and "A House Divided".

"Ibis" trilogy by Amitav Ghosh. Series features colonial India and imperial China. Opens with "Sea of Poppies" set 1838 on the eve of the British attack on Chinese ports in what will become the Opium Wars. Trio also includes "River of Smoke" and "Flood of Fire".

"Islam Quintet" series of 5 by Tariq Ali. The series begins in 15th century Moorish Spain and closes in the 21st century in the international cities of Lahore, London, Paris and Beijing. It is a telling of Islamic history. The series includes "Shadows of the Pomegranate Tree", "The Book of Saladin", "The Stone Woman", "A Sultan in Palermo" and "Night of the Golden Butterfly".

"John Mung" series of 5 by Dov Silverman. Adventure series inspired by the real life of Nakahama Manjir (aka John Manjiro Mung) who was a Japanese sailor, educator, interpreter and one of the first Japanese to visit the continental U.S. Series set in 19th century Japan (primarily) and includes "Fall of the Shogun", "The Black Dragon", "The Shishi", "Tairo" and "To the Gates of Hell".

"Kirov" trilogy by Cynthia Harrod-Eagles (aka Elizabeth Bennett, Emma Woodhouse). Family saga set throughout the 19th and early 20th century Imperial Russia. Series covers the Napoleonic invasion of Russia, the Crimean War, World War 1 and the Russian Revolution. Trilogy includes "Anne", "Fleur" and "Emily".

"Knights of Dark Renown" 4 +? series by Graham Shelby. Series re-imagines the conflicts between the Christians and the Saracens in Palestine after the Second Crusade, the Kingdom of Jerusalem, of Richard the Lionheart and of King John of England. Series begins with "Knights of Dark Renown".

"Ottoman Empire" trilogy by Ann Chamberlin. Set in 16th and 17th century Turkey it features the daughter of a Venetian nobleman who is kidnapped, transported, sold to, lives with, and schemes within the great harem of the Sultan of the Ottoman Empire. Trio includes "Sofia", "The Sultan's Daughter" and "The Reign of the Favored Women".

"Peacock" series of 5 by Katharine Gordon.  Set in 1800 and 1900s India.  About the love between a young Irish woman and an Indian Prince.  This series includes "The Emerald Peacock", "Peacock in Flight" (aka "In the Shadow of the Peacock"), "The Peacock Ring" (aka "Peacock Rider"), "Peacock in Jeopardy" and "Peacock Fan".

"Pearl of the Orient" 4 + ? series by Christopher Nicole (aka Peter Grange, Andrew York, Robin Cade, Mark Logan, Christina Nicholson, Alison York, Leslie Arlen, Robin Nicholson, C.R. Nicholson, Daniel Adams, Simon McKay, Caroline Gray and Alan Savage) . The Dutch and British clash for supremacy, while princes and traders vie for influence and riches. Set in the Far East in the early 19th century. The series includes "Pearl of the Orient", "Dragon's Blood", "Singapura" and "Dark Sun".

"Ponniyin Selvan" series of 5 by Kalki Krishnamurthy. The volumes tell the story of Arulmozhivrman (later drowned as Rajaraja Chola I), one of the kings of the Chola Dynasty during the 10th and 11th centuries in southern India. The series begins with "Ponniyin Selvan: The First Floods".

"Rakehell Dynasty" series of 4 by Michael William Scott. A New England shipping/merchant family and their kin in London risk convention and develop a new style ship-the clipper. Soon they become powerful traders with China, deeply involved in the politics and love of the Middle Kingdom, her people and her enemies. Series primarily set in China and lesser in London and America. Series includes "Rakehell Dynasty", "China Bride", "Orient Affair" and "Mission to Cathay".

"Romanov" trilogy by Evelyn Anthony. Set primarily in 18th century Russia and features Catherine the Great and her descendants. Trio includes "Imperial Highness" (Catherine's rise to power), "Curse Not the King" (Catherine's bitter conflict with her hated son, Paul Petrovitch) and "Far Fly the Eagles" (Catherine's grandson, Czar Alexander I and his battle against Napoleon).

"Root and the Flower" trilogy by Leopold Myers.  Set in 16th century Mughal India and follows the adventures of a prince, his wife and their son. Trio includes "The Near and the Far", "Prince Jali" and "Rajah Amar".

"Rosales Saga" series of 5 by F. Sionil Jose. Chronicles a century of Philippine history as experienced by multi-generations of one family. Begins with Filipino life on the eve of the Spanish-American War in 1880s in "Dusk". Series also includes "Tree", "My Brother, My Executioner", "The Pretenders" and "Mass".

"Russian Saga" series of 6 by Christopher Nicole (aka Alan Savage, Robin Cade, Nicholas Grant, Caroline Gray, Andrew York). Epic of military, political and romantic intrigue set in mid-19th century Russia.  "The Seeds of Power" start up the series.

"The Saracen" duo by Robert Shea. Set during the 13th century Crusades. Featured is an English-born child who was captured and sold into slavery. He converted to Islam and become a devout Muslim, a gifted warrior, assassin and spy (against Mongol Genghis Kahn). The continuous tale set is comprised of "Land of the Infidel" and "The Holy War".

"Siege" duo by Helen Dunmore. The first novel "The Siege" is set during the 900 day Nazi siege of Leningrad and portrays both the city and the peoples during the hardship. The second book "The Betrayal" is set 10 years after the siege and follows two survivors coping in the "Stalinist paranoid" aftermath.

"The Straits Quartet" quartet by Dawn Farmham.  The series follows the vacillating fortunes of a Chinese coolie turned noteworthy merchant, and the 18 year old Scots woman and sister of Singapore's chief of police. Set against a backdrop of the turmoil of Singapore's early years in the 19th century.  Series includes "The Red Thread:  A Chinese Tale of Love and Fate in 1830s Singapore", "The Hills of Singapore:  A Landscape of Loss, Longing, and Love", "The Shallow Seas; A Tale of Two Cities:  Singapore and Batavia" and "The English Concubine:  Passion and Power in 1860s Singapore".

 "Sword of India" duo by Christopher Nicole (aka Peter Grange, Andrew York, Robin Cade, Mark Logan, Christina Nicholson, Alison York, Leslie Arlen, Robin Nicholson, C.R. Nicholson, Daniel Adams, Simon McKay, Caroline Gray and Alan Savage). Series describes the turbulence and savagery of 19th century India. Features the escapades and adventures of Richard Bryant in India during Britain's days of Empire. The hero carves a career as a mercenary soldier. Set includes "Sword of Fortune" and "Sword of Empire".

"Taj Mahal" trilogy by Indu Sundaresan. A series about how a young widow, daughter of Persian refugees and wife of an Afghan commander grows up to become Nur Jahan-the most powerful woman in the fabled Mughal Empire.  The trilogy features "The Twentieth Wife", "The Feast of Roses" and Shadow Princes". 



"All the Rivers Run" trilogy by Nancy Cato. The series features the peoples, culture and history along the Murray River at the turn of the 20th century in Victorian Australia. Trilogy includes "All the Rivers Run", "Time, Flow Softly", and "But Still the River". Typically found together in an omnibus edition.

"Australian" trilogy by Bryce Courtenay. Features Australia's convict past and colonization. Trio includes "The Potato Factory", "Tommo and Hawk" and "Solomon's Song".  Also available in an omnibus called "The Australian Trilogy".

"Australians" series of 12 by William Stuart Long (aka Vivian Stuart, V. A. Stuart).  Family saga which features Australia's settlement from the First Fleet through independence.  Series begins 18th century with "The Exiles" and ends in 20th century with "The Imperialists".

"Bird/Duffy" (aka "Frontier") quartet by Peter Watt.  A family saga of colonial mid-1800 Australia which features two feuding Queensland families.  The Macintoshes who are wealthy Scottish landowners, and the Duffys who are poor Irish laborers.  Series includes "Shadow of the Osprey", "Cry of the Curlew", "Flight of the Eagle" and "To Chase the Storm".

"Bounty" trilogy by Charles Nordhoff and James Hall. This series describes events prior to, during and after the mutiny on the HMS Bounty. The trilogy includes "Mutiny on the Bounty" (mutiny erupts and the Bounty is seized by the first mate), "Men Against the Sea" (the open-boat voyage to England of the discarded captain and crew) and "Pitcairn's Island" (the settlement of the first mate and mutineers on an uninhabited island in the South Pacific).

"Children of War" trilogy by Deborah Challinor.  A historical family saga about a feisty Cornish seamstress who became a brothel keeper and landowner in New Zealand.  The series includes "Tamar" (17-year-old orphan living in a small Cornish village who opts to immigrate to New Zealand in 1879), "White Feathers" (1914 with WW1 and Tamar's children) and "Blue Smoke" (the story of Tamar's family and the 1931 Napier earthquake).

"The Fortunes of Richard Mahony" by Henry Richardson. A three part novel set in the Ballarat goldfields region of Australia during the gold rush of the mid-19th century. The volumes trace the rise and fall of the title character (and his family) against the backdrop of colonial expansion. The novel consists of "Australia Felix", "The Way Home" and "Ultima Thule".

"Letitia Munro" trilogy by Kev Richardson. Generational tales of New South Wales' first white settlement in 1600-from convict life in prison to freedom and enterprise. Series includes "Letitia Munro", "To Plow Van Diemen's Land" and "The Terrible Truths".

"The Mahana Family" duo by Witi Ihimaera. This series pays tribute to significant Maori leaders; giving insight into the Maori culture and bond with New Zealand. The stories feature multi-generations of a Maori family. The set includes "The Matriarch" and "The Dream Swimmer".

"Massacre Bay: A 19th Century Saga of Colonial Life" trilogy by Ken Gunn. Trilogy follows 19th century colonial settlers in Golden Bay, New Zealand. Series composed of "Massacre Bay", "Evenshiels" (aka "The Lost Key") and "Never To Know".

"Melbourne" trilogy by Marshall Browne.  Set in Melbourne in the 1880s with themes of greed, corruption, and love.  Series includes "The Gilded Cage", "The Burnt City" and "The Trumpeting Angel".

"New Zealand Wars" (aka "Mori") trilogy by Maurice Shadbolt. Set 1840s to 1860's colonial New Zealand.  Features the battles and skirmishes between the indigenous Mori, the British army and colonists determined to rid the Mori of their heritage and rights.  Trio includes "The House of Strife", "Monday's Warriors" and "Season of the Jew.

"Oracles and Miracles" trilogy by Stevan Edlred-Grigg. Series is set in the early 20th century. A portrayal of five generations of a family and the story of a provincial society in Christchurch, New Zealand. Trio includes "Oracles and Miracles", "The Shining City" and "Mum".

"Outback" ("aka "Australian Saga") series of 5 by Aaron Fletcher.  Family saga series is set in the Australian Outback.  Features the lives of descendants of a female convict transported from England and their settlement in Australia (New South Wales). Series begins 1808 with "Outback".  Remaining volumes are "Outback Station", "Walkabout", "Wallaby Track" and "Outback Legacy"

"The Timeless Land" trilogy by Eleanor Dark.  Series is set in the late 18th and early 19th centuries and traces the development of European settlement in Australia.  Features interactions between Australia's first white settlers at Sydney Cove and the local Aborigines.  Series includes "The Timeless Land", "Storm of Time" and "No Barrier".

"The World" duo by Lance and James Morcan. Set in the 19th century. The story follows the lives of a female missionary, a British fugitive and an American adventurer. "Their adventures span sixteen years and find them engage with Native American Indians, Barbary Coast pirates, Aborigines, Maoris and Pacific Islanders as they travel around the world - from America to Africa and England, to the Canary Islands, to Australia, New Zealand, Samoa and Fiji. The duology includes "World Odyssey" and "Fiji: A Novel".



"Almond and Raisins" trilogy by Maisie Mosco. Features the experiences of three generations of a Jewish family who flee Eastern Europe (Russia) at the turn of the 20th century and settle in England. Series spans 1905 through post-WWII.  Trilogy includes "Almonds and Raisins", "The Scattered Seed" and "Children's Children" (aka "Glittering Harvest").

"Angelique" series of 13 by Anne and Serge Golon.  Set 17th century France during the reign of Louis XIV. Inspired by the adventures and romances of Suzanne de Rouge du Plessis-Bellière. Series begins with "Angélique, the Marquise of the Angels". Wikipedia has complete list of volumes.

"Barchester" series of 6 by Anthony Trollope. A chronicle about the affairs of the Anglican Church, clergy and gentry in a small rural cathedral town in the 1850s pre-Victoria era. Series includes "The Warden", "Barchester Towers", "Doctor Thorne", "Framley Parsonage", "A Small House At Allington" and "The Last Chronicle of Barset".

"Baroque Cycle" by Neal Stephenson.  This is a series of three volumes containing eight books.  "The books follow three primary fictional characters as they weave in and out the massive scientific, philosophical, economic and political changes of the period from 1680 to 1713, and the real world people who shaped the events." (titanicdeckchairs.com). The volumes include "Quicksilver", "The Confusion" and "The System of the World".  (This series is typically categorized under Science Fiction because the sciences of cryptology and numismatics are heavily featured.  However, "literary treatment" is consistent with historical fiction.)

"Botticelli" trilogy by Linda Proud brings to life the Lorenzo de' Medici's Italy through characters key to the Italian Renaissance. Trilogy includes "A Tabernacle for the Sun", "Pallas and the Centaur" and "The Rebirth of Venus".

"Bosnian" trilogy by Ivo Andric. A chronicle of the tortured lives of the inhabitants of the city of Travnik, Bosnia from the 17th to early 20th century. Bosnia has seen occupation, wars and the infamous assassination which triggered WW1. Trio includes "Bosnia: A Chronicle", "The Bridge on the Drina" and "The Woman from Sarajevo".

"Brothers of Gwynedd" quartet by Edith Pargeter. Chronicles the 13th century rise and fall of Prince Llewelyn of Gwynedd of Wales, his pursuit of independence from England and the thwarting machinations of his three brothers. The individual stories are "Sunrise in the West", "The Dragon at Noonday", "The Hounds of sunset and Afterglow" and "Nightfall". The trio is available in the omnibus "The Brothers of Gwynedd".

"Catherine de Medici" trilogy by Jean Plaidy (aka Eleanor Alice Burford Hibbert). The story of Catherine de Medicirides beginning with her childhood, her subsequent political marriage to Henry, Duke of Orleans, (who later became King Henry II of France), her widowhood as Dowager Queen, Machiavellian relationship with nemesis Princess Jeanne of Navarre, later life with a sickly son (Charles King of France) and drive to end the conflict between Catholic Spain and Huguenot Protestant England. Series includes "Madame Serpent", "The Italian Woman" and "Queen Jezebel".

"Chivalry" 2 +? series by Vince Cameron. Series is loosely based around the exploits of Sir William Gold, one of Sir John Hawksood's Lieutenant's in Italy. Begins in post-plague 1347 London and wraps up in 1415 at the Battle of Agincourt. Thus far the series includes "The Ill-Made Knight", "The Long Sword"

"Chronicles of Iona" 2 +? series by Paula de Fougerolles.  Series begins in the 6th century and tells the story of the two men who laid the foundations of the Scottish nation; a Christian Irish monk, Saint Columba, and a Scottish warlord, Aedan mac Gabran.  The series begins with "The Chronicles of Iona: Prophet".

"Conquest" series of 4 +? by James Aitcheson. Series re-imagines the Norman conquest and struggle to maintain control of England after the (1066) Battle of Hastings. First in the series is "Sworn Sword".

"Conquest" trilogy by Jack Ludlow (aka David Donachie).  Features the history of the Normans in Italy through the story of the de Hauteville family dynasty.  This series begins in 1033 with "Mercenaries" and continues with "Warriors" and "Conquest".  See also the sequel trilogy "Crusades" which begins with "Prince of Legend".

"The Cousin's War" series of 6 +? by Philippa Gregory. This series is about the Houses of Lancaster and York of 15th century England – during the Plantagenets dynasty. The story of the War of the Roses as told by four different prominent women of the time. The series includes (in story timeline chronology) "The Lady of the Rivers", "The White Queen", "The Red Queen", "The Kingmaker's Daughter", "The White Princess" and "The White Rose" (aka "The King's Curse").

"Dance to the Music of Time" series of 12 by Anthony Powell. The sequence is a panorama of 20th century London life and traces a group of English acquaintances from 1914 to 1971 as the various friends and lovers meet, drift apart, and reacquaint over the years. Central character is a wealthy Englishman who narrates the stories in the form of his reminiscences. Series begins with "A Question of Upbringing" and concludes with "Hearing Secret Harmonies". The series is also available in 4 omnibus editions titled "Movements 1-4".

"Daniel Cheswis" 2 +? series by D. W. Bradbridge. Storyline begins in 1643 and features the English Civil Wars. First installment is "The Winter Siege" which centers on the month-long siege of Nantwich in Chester County, England.

"Daughters of England" series of 20 by Philippa Carr (aka Jean Plaidy, Eleanor Alice Burford Hibbert).  This series follows successive generations of an English family within the context of major events of the 16th to 20th century.  Each novel is narrated by the daughter of the narrator featured in the previous novel.  "The Miracle at St. Bruno's" begins the series.  Wikipedia has a helpful list of series' contents.

"Dublin Saga" duo by Edward Rutherfurd. Features key events of Irish history starting in pre-Christian 430 AD to early 20th century. Twosome includes "The Princes of Ireland" and "The Rebels of Ireland".

"Eleanor of Aquitaine" (aka "Plantagenet") 4 +? series by Sharon Kay Penman. The series chronicles events in the lives of Eleanor of Aquitaine and Henry II. Series includes "When Christ and His Saints Slept", "Time and Chance", "Devil's Brood" and "Lionheart".

"Elizabethan" trilogy by George Garrett represents a panorama of Renaissance English life during the Elizabethan and early Stuart periods. Series includes "Death of the Fox" (Sir Walter Raleigh's last years), "The Succession" (Queen Elizabeth I of England and King James VI of Scotland) and "Entered from the Sun" (rival Londoners investigate Christopher Marlowe's death).

"Empire" trilogy by James Gordon Farrell.  The cycle recalls the collapse of the British colonial power.  "Troubles" (Set in 1919 "troubled" Ireland. A melancholy tale of an English Major who goes to Ireland to meet his fiancé and witnesses Ireland's fight for independence from Britain.), "The Siege of Krishnapur" (deals with the Indian Mutiny of 1857. Inspired by historical events of the sieges of Cawnpore and Lucknow) and "The Singapore Grip" (centers on the Japanese capture of the British colonial city of Singapore in 1939, while also exploring the economics and ethics of colonialism at the time). 

"Fortunes of War" series of 6 (2 trilogies) by Olivia Manning. Trilogies are "Balkan" (beginning with "The Great Fortune") and "Levant" (beginning with "The Danger Tree"). Volumes chronicle the wartime experiences of a group of English expatriates as WWII begins and progresses. Set predominately in Rumania, Egypt, Palestine and Greece.

"French Revolution" trilogy by Jean Plaidy.  Features the life of pleasure obsessed Louis XV in 18th century France.  Series begins with the death of Louis XIV and a five year old Louis XV becoming king of France in "Louis the Well Beloved".  His middle age is featured in "The Road to Compiegne".  A young Marie Antoinette is featured in the final series volume "Flaunting, Extravagant Queen".

"Galway Chronicles" quartet by Bodie and Brock Thoene. Story of the political and economic strife in Ireland, fight for independence from English and of the personal struggles of some of her inhabitants. Set early 1840s. Series includes "Only the River Runs Free ", "Of Men and Angels", "Ashes of Remembrance" and "All Rivers to the Sea".

"Good Queen Bess" (aka "Elizabethan") trilogy by Margaret Irwin. A chronicle of the early life of Elizabeth I and her precarious path to the throne. Set during the Renaissance.  Trilogy includes "Young Bess", "Elizabeth, Captive Princess" and "Elizabeth and the Prince of Spain".

"The Grail Quest" quartet by Bernard Cornwell. Series deals with the quest for the Holy Grail and the journey of a young English archer in the 14th century at the time of the 100 Years' War. Series includes "Harlequin" (aka "The Archer's Tale"), "Vagabond", "Heretic" and "1356".

"Hereward" series of 5 +? by James Wilde. Set in the early 17th century (The End of Days) this series features a Saxon warrior who leads the resistance to the Normans before and after their invasion of England, and of this warrior's exile by King William. Series begins with "The Time of the Wolf".

"Heron" (aka "Civil War") quartet by Pamela Bell. Set in 17th century England during the Civil War and features the saga of the Royalist Heron family. Series includes "The Moon in the Water", "The Chains of Fate", "Alathea" and (series prequel set in 15th century War of Roses) "The Lodestar".

"House of Niccolo" series of 8 by Dorothy Dunnett (aka Dorothy Halliday).  Set in 15th century Renaissance Flanders. Features a dyer's apprentice who schemes and swashbuckles his way to the helm of a powerful mercantile empire. (Dunnett's companion 6 volume series "Lymond Chronicles" continues the stories of "House of Niccolò's" descendants in the 16th century.)

"The Illuminator" trilogy by Brenda Rickman Vantrease. Set in 14-15th century Europe and features the impact of the religious wars on the working class, and strife to the "heretics". The set includes "The Illuminator", "The Mercy Seller" and "The Heretic's Wife".

"Immortal Memory" 6 part cycle by James Barke. A re-telling of the life of beloved Scottish poet Robert Burns. Series begins with "The Wind That Shakes the Barley".

"Insurrection" trilogy by Robyn Young. Story about Robert the Bruce of Scotland and Edward I of England, Robert's struggle to claim the throne of Scotland and (once crowned) to defend his rule against Edward II of England. Trilogy includes "Insurrection", "Renegade" and "Kingdom".

"Irish" trilogy by Thomas Flanagan. Features Ireland's struggle for independence from Britain, from the 1789 rebellion to the Civil War of the 1920s through voices of both fictional and non-fictional characters. Series includes "The Year of the French", "The Tenants of Time" and "The End of the Hunt".

"Irish Century" series of 5 by Morgan Llywelyn.  Story of the Irish people's struggle for independence from the British Empire. Story traces the history of 20th century Ireland through a single Irish family. Series includes "1916", "1921", "1949", "1972" and "1999".

"Isabelle and Ferdinand" trilogy by Jean Plaidy (aka Eleanor Alice Burford Hibbert and Philippa Carr).  This series features the lives and reign of Isabelle (Queen), Ferdinand (King) and their children in 15th and 16th century Spain.  The series includes "Castile for Isabella", "Spain for the Sovereigns" and "Daughters of Spain".

"Islam" series of 5 by Tariq Ali. Character-driven novels set in Europe and cover the confrontation of Christian and Islamic (Muslim) civilizations at different periods of European history (beginning in medieval 1153). The series includes "Shadows of the Pomegranate Tree", "The Book of Saladin, "The Stone Woman", "A Sultan in Palermo" (chronologically first in the series story line) and "Night of the Golden Butterfly".

"Jacobite" trilogy by D. K. (Dorothy Kathleen) Broster. Set 1745-1775 Scotland and features a Highland chieftain and relatives during the Jacobite Rebellion. Series includes "The Flight of the Heron", "The Gleam in the North" and "The Dark Mile".

"James V" trilogy by Bruce Tranter.  Set 1513–1524, this series focuses on the turbulent life of the weak-willed king James V of Scotland.  Trio includes "The Riven Realm", "James by the Grace of God" and "Rough Wooing".

"Josephine Bonaparte" trilogy by Sandra Gulland. Set in late 18th century France and inspired by the life of Josephine Bonaparte. Trio includes "The Many Lives and Secret Sorrows of Josephine B.", "Tales of Passion, Tales of Woe" and "The Last Great Dance on Earth".

"Knights" trilogy by Vaughn Heppner. Trilogy depicts 13th century life in Wales at the beginning of the civil war (1263) between Earl Simon de Montfort and King Henry III of England. Series features a dog keeper and felon's son who would become a knight of daring and romance. Trio includes "Keeper of the Dogs", "The Outlaw Knight" and "The Druids Curse".

"Kristin Lavransdatter" trilogy by Sigrid Undset. Recount of medieval Scandinavian life. Series includes " Kristin Lavransdatter: The Wreath", "Kristin Lavransdatter: The Wife" and "Kristin Lavransdatter: The Cross". (See the somewhat companion quartet "Master of Hestviken" also by Undset.)

"Last Viking" trilogy by Poul Anderson. Set in the 11th century. Series follows the story of Harald Hardrede (Harald Sigurdharson) and his struggle to become sole King of Norway (after the fall of his King brother Olaf the Stout), mercenary exploits the Russian and Mediterranean Empires, attempt to conquer Denmark, and to become King of England. Series includes "The Golden Horn", "The Road of the Sea Horse" and "The Sign of the Raven".

"Marshal" trilogy by Elizabeth Chadwick. Story of the great 12th century knight William the Marshal (William Marshal). This series is lighter on the romance than many of Chadwick's other books. Trio includes "The Greatest Knight", "The Scarlet Lion" and (story line prequel) "A Place Beyond Courage".

"Master of Gray" trilogy by Nigel Tranter.   The story of one of Scotland's most noble families.  Patrick, Master of Gray, 6th Lord Gray, who was to become involved in daring plots to free the imprisoned Mary Queen of Scots. Set during the reign of James VI, up to the Union of the Crowns.  Trilogy includes "Lord and Master", "The Courtesan" and "Past Master". 

"Napoleon" quartet by Max Gallo. Set in 18th century France, series features the life of Napoleon from his youth in 1779 in military school through 1812 and his campaign as Emperor to conquer Russia. The series includes "The Song of Departure", "The Sun of Austerlitz", "The Emperor of Kings" and concludes with "The Eternal Man of St. Helana".

"Nicholas Cooke" 2 +? series by Stephanie Cowell. Features the 17th century physician and priest Nicholas Cooke in the Elizabethan England of political upheaval, war with Ireland, plague and Christopher Marlowe. Series includes "Nicholas Cooke" and "The Physician of London".

"Norman" quartet by Valerie Anand.  A story about the Norman conquest of England.  Specifically, the English ruling Godwin family and the change of succession with the Norman conquest of England.  Series includes "Gildenford", "The Norman Pretender", "The Disputed Crown" and "King of the Wood".

"Norman Kings" trilogy by Juliet Dymoke. Series features the Anglo-Saxon Earl of Waltheof who kept his title after the Norman conquest and married the niece of William the Conquer, the youngest son of William I -Henry Beauclerc who became King Henry I of England, and Brien FitzCoun who supported Queen Maud against King Stephen. Series includes "Of the Ring of Earls", "Henry of the High Rock" and "The Lion's Legacy".

"Outlander" 12 volume series by Diana Gabaldon. Features the adventures of an 18th century Scottish Highland soldier and his time-traveling 20th century nurse paramour. Series spans time of 1745 Scottish Rising to the American Revolution. Series begins with "Outlander" (aka "Cross Stitch"). 

"Pillars of the Earth" duo by Ken Follett. Generational saga about the people connected to the building of a great medieval English cathedral. Duo includes "Pillars of the Earth" and "World Without End".

"Plantagenet" series of 14 by Jean Plaidy (aka Eleanor Alice Burford Hibbert and Philippa Carr). This series traces the private lives and political machinations of the Plantagenet family, from Henry II and Eleanor of Aquitaine to Edward IV and the Wars of the Roses. The first volume is "The Star of Lancaster". 

"The Plantagenet" (aka "Henry II and Eleanor of Aquitaine") trilogy by Sharon Kay Penman. The series begins in early 12th century. The focus is on the tumultuous dynastic struggle for the crown of England and Henry II ascension to the throne. The second book deals with the extraordinary politics of the 12th century, the murder of Thomas Becket, Henry's confrontation of the Church and exile to Ireland. Lastly, we trouble with Henry's family and rebellion. The series includes "When Christ and His Saints Slept", "Time and Chance" and "Devil's Brood".

"Plantagenets" series of 6 by Juliet Dymoke (aka Juliet Dymoke de Schanschieff). Traces the fortunes of the Plantagenet monarchs through nearly four hundred years, from Henry II to Richard III. Series begins with "Pride of Kings" and concludes with "Sun in Splendor".

"Polish" trilogy by Henryk Sienkiewicz (aka Litwos) describes events in Poland. Series includes "With Fire and Sword" (17th century Cossack rebellion = Chmielnicki Uprising), "The Deluge" (Swedish invasion of Poland = The Deluge) and "Fire in the Steppe" (17th century wars between Poland and the Ottoman Empire).

"Rashi's Daughters" trilogy by Maggie Anton. Series chronicles the lives and loves of the three daughters of Talmudic Rabbi and scholar Solomon ben Isaac (Rashi). Set in the Jewish community of 11th century medieval France. Trio includes "Joheved", "Miriam" and "Rachel".

"Raven" trilogy by Giles Kristian. Story of a young man's rediscovery of a forgotten heritage and coming of age amongst a band of Norse warriors. Set in a dark, treacherous 9th century Western Europe. Trio includes "Blood Eye", "Sons of Thunder" and "Odin's Wolves". 

"Red Wheel" cycle of 4 by Aleksandre Solzhenitsyn.  A reinterpretation of the Russian Revolution, from the death of Imperial Russia to the birth of the Soviet Union.   The volumes are "August 1914", "October 1916", "March 1917" and "April 1917". 

"Robert the Bruce" trilogy by Nigel Tranter.  The story of Robert, Earl of Carrik (Robert the Bruce) and his heroic destiny as he is mentored by William Wallace and fights for Scotland's independence.  Told from Bruce's point of view.  Series includes "The Steps to the Empty Throne", "The Path of the Hero King" and "The Price of the King's Peace". 

"Rose of York" trilogy by Sandra Worth. A story of medieval England's Richard III; his boyhood, reign as reluctant king, romance with Anne Neville, and relationship with brother George. Series includes "Love and War", "Crown of Destiny" and "Fall From Grace".

"Saxon Stories" (aka "Uhtred" and "Warrior Chronicles") series of 8 +? by Bernard Cornwell. Set in medieval 9-10th century England and features Alfred the Great, his descendants and Danish Vikings. Series starts off with "The Last Kingdom". 

"Song of Montségur" trilogy by Derek Armstrong. Set in 13th century France, it is a character-driven history of the last of the Cathars, the rise of the Inquisition, exploits of the famous adventurer-troubadour Ramon Lull and the creation of the Tarot deck in medieval Europe. Series includes "The Last Troubadour", "The Last Quest" and "The Last Stand".

"Strongbow Saga" trilogy by Judson Roberts. Follows the adventures of a young Dane Halfdan Hroriksson, across the Viking world in the latter half of the 9th century. Series begins with "Viking Warrior", followed by "Dragons From the Sea" and "The Road to Vengeance".

"Tarn" trilogy by Hannah Closs. Set in 13th century Southern France and tells of the Albigensian heresy (Cathar rebels defied the Catholic Church). Series includes "High Are the Mountains", "Deep Are the Valleys" and "The Silent Tarn".

"Thomas Cromwell" trilogy by Hilary Mantel.  A Tudor saga featuring the powerful, corrupt anti-hero Thomas Cromwell.  The trio charts Cromwell's rise to power within Henry VIII's court. The trio includes "Wolf Hall", "Bring Up the Bodies" and "The Mirror and the Light".

"The Thomas Flanagan" trilogy by Thomas Flanagan. The story of the shaping of contemporary Ireland during three watershed periods, and of the passionate Irish people who made it so. Series comprised of "The Year of the French", (1798 Irish rebellion), "The Tenants of Time" (1867 Fenian uprising) and "End of the Hunt" (1916 Easter Rebellion).

"Transylvanian" trilogy by Miklos Banffy features the decade of changing Hungarian life before the Great WWI, the end of the Habsburg Empire and forfeit of Transylvania to Romania. Series includes "They Were Counted", "They Were Found Wanting" and "They Were Divided".

"The Tudor Court" 6 series by Philippa Gregory. Features the history of Henry VIII and his immediate descendants as the Tudor line is established. Series includes (per story line chronology) "The Constant Princess", "The Other Boleyn Girl", "The Wise Woman", "The Boleyn Inheritance", "The Queen's Fool", "The Virgin's Lover" and "The Other Queen". 

"Under the Star" trilogy by Vaino Linna.  The series follows the life of a Finnish family from 1880, through WWI, the Finnish Civil War and WWII to 1950. "Through the lives of ordinary people, it describes the clash of ideals in Finland's language strife and the struggle between the Whites (nationalists) and the Reds (socialists) in the movement to Independence and Civil War" (Wikipedia).  The trio includes "Under the North Star", "The Uprising" and "Reconciliation". 

"Venetians" trilogy by Thomas Quinn. Saga of a bitter and enduring conflict between two powerful 15th century Renaissance Venetian noble families. Also features historic representation of (1452-1472) Turkish siege of Constantinople, 1473-1484 Ferrara War pitting Venice against many Italian rivals, and 1494 French King Charles VIII's invasion of the Italian Peninsula. Trilogy includes "The Lion of St. Marks", "The Sword of Venice" and "Venice Stands Alone".

"Viking" trilogy by Tim Severin. Story of Thorgils Leiffson's (illegitimate son of Leif Ericson and mysterious Irish witch Thorgunna) life. Set in the Ancient Viking world beginning in the year 1001. Trilogy includes "Odinn's Child", "Sworn Brother" and "King's Man".

"Viking" (aka "Sigurdson") trilogy by Henry Treece. Tales of Harald Sigurdson as he plunders the coastal villages of England and Scotland. Based on surviving Viking sagas. Trilogy includes "Viking's Dawn", "Road to Miklagard" and "Viking Sunset".

"War of the Roses" (anticipated) trilogy by Conn Iggulden.  Set at the time of the fall of the English kingdom of France in the late 1440s and the following civil unrest.  The series spans the 30 years of bloody civil war between the Yorks and Lancasters. The series begins with "Stormbird". 

"Welsh Princes" trilogy by Sharon Kay Penman. Set in 13th century medieval Wales. Story of the princess Gwynedd and decline of the Welsh kings. Trilogy includes "Here Be Dragons", "Falls the Shadows" and "The Reckoning".

"Wintercombe" series of 4 by Pamela Bell. Family saga features wealthy Puritan George St. Barbe and his family during 17th century English Civil War. Series begins with "Wintercombe" and includes "Herald of Joy", "A Falling Star" and "Treason's Gift".



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