red indicator light, Beam central vacuumSome Beam central vacuum systems have an "IntelliWatch™" system. It is a light that, depending on its color and flashing status, alerts you to something.

The constant red light message is "Alerts the user to get the motor brushes checked right away. User cannot reset this function." Apparently it is recommended that the motor brushes be replaced at the motor's estimated half life of around 900 hours, and the constant red light will come on automatically after the vacuum computer counts a certain number of usage hours. When serviced due to the constant red IntelliWatch light alert, they replace the motor brushes and reset the timer. When it comes on a second time, they presumably check to see if a motor replacement is to be recommended.

To reset the light (and the motor brush timer), follow these steps:

  1. On the Power Unit, unplug electrical cord from wall electrical outlet.
  2. Inside the house, plug in a vacuum hose.
  3. On the hose, turn switch to "on" position (won't turn on because power is unplugged).
  4. On the Power Unit, turn the power toggle switch to "Manual" (won't turn on because power is unplugged).
  5. On the Power Unit, plug the electrical power cord back in to wall electrical outlet (vacuum will now turn on).
  6. On the Power Unit, turn the power toggle switch on the power unit back to "Auto".
  7. Inside the house, turn off vacuum at the hose.

That's it! This apparently resets the vacuum computer, and the motor timer starts over again.

I know this works for a Beam model 2250D central vacuum, and presumably will work with some other IntelliWatch™ systems also.

Of course there are downsides to doing this yourself.

But at least this gives people the option, in case they simply can't schedule a service call or take their vacuum unit to a service facility, for a variety of personal reasons.